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I could have told you guys that the temperatures took a nose dive overnight last night even had I not woke up freezing this morning. In fact, I didn’t even need to look at a thermometer. Why you ask?

1. I received 341 emails in my "skiMail" inbox.

2. Messageboard posts related to "when Cataloochee or any of the other ski areas would begin making snow began showing up"

3. I received an Urchin stats package alert that unique visitor numbers surpassed the 20,000 unique visitor totals in the last 24 hours!

All of the above has also sent a signal to yours truly that I need to get off my rear and begin providing you guys with some real news in earnest. I promise to do so beginning today! I have received a lot of "what’s new for the 2007-2008" season and I will begin sharing that information later today and continue with a series of stories throughout the week. (Look for that information on the front of both and this week – as well as the individual pages that we provide for each ski area.)

Drew Stanley of App sent us some great photos and content about their amazing snow making expansion during this off season (it was sent about two months ago!) and we’ll make that our first in a series on news and updates later today! Laura Parquette, Snowshoe Mountain’s communications manager has also provided us with some great information about their trail expansion for this season and we’ll that and more with you guys this week…so check back daily.


We received several emails of low temps this morning. Try on these for size:

Ski Beech – 29°
Sugar Mtn – 27°
Newland – 25°
Cataloochee – 27°
Wisp Resort – 30°
Snowshoe Mtn – 28°

Those temps are below the normals of around 33° for this date. That certainly prompted a lot of emails asking when the ski areas would crank up their snowmaking equipment. Last season, Cataloochee was the first to make snow and the first to open for skiing (with actual skiers!) on the east coast. Several emailers speculated that Cataloochee might fire up the snow guns last night. They did not and unless we’re completely off our rockers, we don’t think that any ski area will pull that particular trigger just yet!

The low temperatures that are forecasted for the five day period ahead are "only" in the mid to upper 30s and the highs are expected to be around 60° sp we think that all of the ski areas will await a more prolonged period of cold temps.

It was sweet to see the traffic burst that we received last night though. Sunday, October 28th was the earliest date in our twelve seasons of SkiNC and SkiSoutheast that we have seen 20,000 unique visitors! 23,512 of you guys paid our site a visit in the last 24 hours. You looked at 179,763 pages of content or about 7 or so pages each! That is pretty sweet and has definately jump started my motor to begin providing news in earnest!

So check back often…

Until Next Time…

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