Friday brings some Rain and Wind, Good Skiing Early!

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Okay people…quit complaining. There’s nothing that anyone can do about a little rain. We told you about this days ago and it is now here today. Gusty winds that push some moderate rain will hit the mountains today. Get some skiing in early and then head to the shops and restaurants. There is a 90% chance of rain for the mountains of NC today…but this morning is fine…so hit it early and often and then have a restful day.

Saturday looks nice…then some Wintry weather comes in the first of the week. We just got an update from meteorologist Matthew East and we’ll get that posted pronto.

Here’s a summary:

Appalachian Ski Mountain showed a low last night of 35° but it’s already warmed to 40° as of this 7am post. No snowmaking occured, but App is looking pretty nice for Friday with 7 groomed slopes open, ice skating and the terrain parks all in operation.

Cataloochee is reporting 36°. No snowmaking. They will have 7 trails open for Friday and very nice conditions as well. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, they have their tubing hill going and some great terrain features including a C Box, Wall Box, Battleship Rail, Flat Rail and Flat Box will be available for you to ride at the top of Over Easy, right down from the Snack Shack, accessed by the Easy Way Triple Chairlift.

Hawksnest is open to the top of the mountain with 6 slopes and their tubing hill. They do have some thin areas, but conditions are pretty good for Friday. Justin Grimes writes, "Due to popular demand we are adding an additional snow tubing session on Friday and Saturday night. The additional session will be 9pm to 10:45pm. Snowtubing tickets can only be bought at the mountain the day you want to snow tube. Tickets go on sale at 8:30am and any session can be purchased for that day."

Ski Beech is showing 40° and they are hanging in there with 4 trails. No snowmaking occured last night and they are showing some thin coverage areas now. There’s plenty of good, skiable terrain…but they are looking thin in some spots.

Sugar Mountain is showing 38° at the summit of their mountain with 9 trails open today. They are doing a phenomenal job of reporting conditions lately and reported a 6" drop in base in the last 30 hours or so. There are some thin coverage areas but all in all pretty nice conditions for Friday.

Wolf Ridge Ski Resort has 6 trails open today with Groomed conditions and pretty nice conditions considering. The sides of the trails are "sneaking in" a bit, but good side to side coverage for the most part.


THINK COLD, pack your gear and get your rear – UP HERE – and Enjoy your day…

Until Next time…

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