Four More Days of Skiing Left – Resorts Still Weathering Mild Temps!

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I don’t know how much rain fell yesterday evening but whatever it was – it was a lot! I had waterfalls of water pouring down the front steps to my home. Thunder roared, sheets of rain fell and that has definitely washed a good bit of snow away from Appalachian Ski Mountain. Things are going to be a bit sketchy today in Blowing Rock – with a 60% chance of rain for today. It is looking somewhat drizzly for Friday but Saturday and Sunday is now looking pretty decent for Appalachian’s Meltdown Games. There’s a chance for a Spring-like shower, but overall things are looking pretty good weather-wise, and App has 15-30” of base and 8 trails open. Things will be thin with some bare areas, but they will certainly push some snow around once the rain exits the High Country and things should be pretty good for all of the planned festivities. Plan on attending!

Snowshoe Mountain and Timberline Resort in West Virginia had to put up with a bit of rain of their own over the last few days, but their weather is looking quite nice for today. They are looking at mostly sunny skies today through Saturday with highs today in the upper 40s, and Friday & Saturday should go into the 56° range. At this point Sunday is looking a bit wet but it should be a fun last weekend up that way.

Snowshoe Mountain has a region-leading 25 trails open and Timberline is showing 24 open.

Wisp at Deep Creek is offering 13 trails today and a base of 18-38”


Over the past week (after posting some comments about our statements of the farce of Global Warming) we’ve received some more feedback from you, our readers. We’ve been busy so it might appear to some that we’ve ignored your comments. Not so! We appreciate every one of them. It has been admittedly very cool to see how many people are “out there” who agree with our comments. The few who disagreed resorted to calling us idiots, etc. Too often that is what you get when you open up a controversial subject such as global warming. Once the season’s over and things wind down a bit more, I commit to posting all of your comments.

One that was kind of funny was from Tammy S. who wrote, “You guys are crazy to say that there’s no global warming happening. I suppose you don’t believe in evolution either?!! I just graduated from the University of Florida and I can tell you that all of our profs would love to have this debate with you guys!”

This will probably provoke yet another round of comments and controversy but heck we’re at the end of a season and we don’t have a lot of ski promoting to do, so I’ll throw this out for debate…and I do promise to get around to posting comments and further input. For now though, we want to finish out the ski season and do a couple of wrap ups. …and then we’ll have some fun with debating, etc.

For now though, Tammy and others, I’ll leave you with this bit of information. Just because university, high school and elementary school educators teach global warming or evolution doesn’t mean that it’s true. Evolution USED to be taught more as a THEORY. Even so, school aged kids these days simply BELIEVE it happened that way and thus any other viewpoint is simply wrong. Those of us who disagree just simply are not as smart.

That kind of thing happens all too often in our schools. However, I submit to you that the SAME GUY (Charles Darwin) who put forth the theory of evolution WITHIN THE SAME WRITING wrote that women are a sub species to man. Don’t take my word on this. Go look it up. In his writings he wrote that women were less evolved creatures than a man is. He said that due to this, “Anything that a man puts his mind or hand to, he will achieve higher results than that of a woman.” The guy was also a racist, because he said that black people were less evolved than white people.”

My statement is how in the heck can we accept ONE part of his writings as FACT, and yet not accept the other. Anyone who believes in evolution is basically blind to reality. Frankly I think anyone who thinks women or people of color are less evolved than men or white people are idiots. It is contradictory as heck to accept Darwin’s evolution comments and not accept his other statements within his same writings.

Of course schools don’t teach the chauvinistic and racist side of his writings, so kids accept his theory of evolution as fact. Rational thinking shouldn’t allow people to blindly accept PART of his theory and ignore the rest.

The Global Warming issue is kind of the same thing. Proponents say “Look at the last ten years. It’s been hot, so it MUST be Global Warming.” Major scientist and many meteorologists say you HAVE to look at the whole “history of weather”. Opponents of the global warming theory say that to accurately discern what’s happening with the weather you HAVE to look as far back as possible. To simply look at things since 1850 is irresponsible. Yet, kids are taught in school about the poor polar bears that are trapped on melting ice. They IGNORE the fact that glaciers have ALWAYS melted and grown. To look at the melting areas and ignore the ones that are GROWING is irresponsible. To use polar bears dying on ice to tug at children’s hearts is wrong as well.

Thankfully things go in cycles, so perhaps soon enough they will be BACK to claiming that we’re going into a global ice age. Of course, then Mr. Gore’s carbon credit company will go out of business.

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