First, Merry Christmas Eve my friends!

First Trax

I have a lot to do today and only about a half a day to do it…so I’m keeping things short today. It seems that Santa needs a little help about this time every year. You know, I LOVE that fat little elf, but he SURE gets a lot of credit for my hard work!

Anyway…to today’s news. Yesterday’s early rain certainly affected conditions during the day, however the rain ceased, the arctic cold invaded the region and boy howdy did the temperatures fall. We had some light snow that served to dust the area and excite those that hit the slopes overnight. The cold had an affect as well! It made for some icy conditions across the region – on and off of the slopes. The "WORD" from our On-Snow Reporters about last night’s conditions was – "FAST"!

I was working in my office on Hwy 105 late last night and about 8pm we heard a loud bang and unfortunately one lone soul hit a slick spot, flipped his car and ended up right in front of my office! That had to be an exciting ride…but as if that wasn’t enough, a responding volunteer fireman who arrived first on the scene…arrived a little to close…HITTING the car, which was ALREADY on its side…sending the vehicle even further around! Such is life…when the roads become slick as owl kaka.

Road Conditions What a perfect spot for addressing the roads! Actually ALL roads are clear, however as mentioned there ARE some slick spots where rainwater drained across roadways. Just be careful and you should see no problems out and about.

The Weather Everyone is asking about the weather so we’ll make that the question of the day. It comes from Denny Garcia of Miami, Florida. He asks (as if you didn’t already know!), "Hi, is there any info on the weather for next weekend? (Jan 1-4) Thanks."

Oh Denny, Denny, Den-ny. I could count the ways that I could abuse that question. However, today is Christmas Eve, so I’ll be kind. After all I am still holding out hope that I will get a pair of new K2 skis to match those that my brother-in-law bought from Ski Country Sports in Banner Elk last night. Anyway, let’s see…the w-e-a-t-h-e-r for NEXT Friday and Saturday. WHAT!!??! Denny, we haven’t even gotten to THIS Saturday as yet! Why I oughta…oh sorry! Denny, the long range forecast is looking at somewhat milder temps and there is even a slight (30%) chance — that I’m not going to finish this forecast.

Sorry, dude…you’re just going to have to wait like the rest of us. God doesn’t work like that here in the mountains. Weather can literally turn on a dime up here. Just look at yesterday. Yesterday morning we were at 47 degrees at 7am. THIS morning we are at 17°! That is 30 degrees difference!

Here’s the forecast that we feel pretty confident in (notice it doesn’t QUITE get to Denny’s requested dates!)

Friday – Dec 24 – Sunny – Hi 28° Lo 11°
Saturday – Christmas Day – Sunny – Hi 29° Lo 12°
Sunday – Dec 26 – Sunny – Hi 35° Lo 18°
Monday – Dec 27 – Sunny – Hi 40° Lo 24°
Tuesday – Dec 28 – Partly Cloudy – Hi 43° Lo 27°
Wednesday – Dec 29 – PC – Hi 46° Lo 32°
Thursday – Dec 30 – PC – Hi 50° Lo 35°

The NEXT Question of the Day! Let’s go ahead and address TOMORROW’S question of the day – today. I’m Nostradamus about these things! Tomorrow’s question of the day will be (because of the weather forecast shown above) is "will all of the snow melt with the temperatures about freezing?"

Those of you who frequent this site daily, you can go get a cup of coffee. You KNOW what’s coming. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I feel better now.

For you who are new to this site. With night time temps reaching into the teens and lower…all of our wonderful snowmakers will be busy as little beavers making tons of snow overnight, every night from now through AT LEAST Wednesday night. While the daytime temps that are forecasted through Friday WILL soften the snow, the talented grooming crews at all of our resorts will do a great job of PACKING (compressing) the snow to make for a wonderful surface each and every day. The next time you guys get snow (okay I know it doesn’t snow in Miami) try going to one spot and smashing the snow as much as you can. When all of the snow is long gone around it…your packed area will still be there…melting much later than the rest. That’s why you see snowmen standing alone in yards with no snow around it…days after the other snow is gone.

In Closing Holiday skiing will be BEAUTIFUL for today through this week with sunny skies and cold temps. We do have a little "mild up" for next week…but there will be plenty of snow and wonderful conditions at your favorite resort.

Be aware that MOST resorts will close after day skiing today to give their people some time off to spend with their families for Christmas Eve…and MOST will open at Noon or 1PM on Saturday. Check the ski report for what we know.

Have a great Christmas Eve!

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