Feeling the LOVE for all this SNOW?!?! We’ve had it on 39 of 77 Days so Far!

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Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! Hopefully you guys and gals are feeling the love for all this snow we’re getting!

Want to know how snowy it’s been? We are on day 77 of the 2009-2010 Ski and Snowboarding season and we have had measurable snowfall on 39 of those days. That is remarkable!

Anywhere from 2-4" of snow fell in the last 24 hours across the mountains of North Carolina. A dusting of new snow fell at Ober in Tennessee. The snow skipped the state of Virginia as no resorts reported any measurable snow and West Virginia & Maryland saw another 4-9" of snow!

THE FORECAST? You guessed it – SNOW. Actually no matter where you look across the Southeast and Mid Atlantic there are chances of snow in the forecast for EVERY DAY this week through at least Thursday.

I worked a good bit on Saturday and didn’t notice that it was snowing a rather moderate snowfall until I left my office at 5:30pm. we had a nice powdery 2" on top of all the other snow that has fallen lately. However I drove out to the foot of Beech and simply could not believe my own eyes as nearly 5" of new snow made the already deep snow out there – deeper.

My trek out to my horses revealed yet another significant snowfall had covered my tracks from the day before. There’s a good FOOT of snow on the ground this morning after yet another 3.5" of snow fell during the previous 24 hours at Beech. Gil Adams’ CocoRaHS report shows 3.5" after 1.7" had fallen the day before and 7.2" from this past Thursday.

We don’t know if Sugar and Beech switched snow reporters but Sugar has under-reported their last three snowfalls by about one-half to one inch each time, whereas Beech has tweaked their snowfall report UP by the same amount within each storm. Kudos to Sugar on that one. They are reporting 2" of snow within the last 24 hours and it was actually 3".

By the way, resorts into WV and Maryland have more than 40" of natural snow on the ground. I’m not a cross country skier, but that MIGHT be too much snow. Naw, you can NEVER have too much snow!


While watching the Winter Olympics at Vancouver I could not help but see the dirt patches alongside all of the trucked in snow that they’ve had to haul to the slopes. While that is the weather in that part of Canada, here in the Southeast and Mid Atlantic we are bracing ourselves for YET ANOTHER significant snow storm that is scheduled to hit on Monday.

…and it has snowed all weekend long thus far!

Here’s some quick notables:

9.4" of snow fell at Timberline and Canaan Valley Resorts in West Virginia! That’s:

9.4" in 24 hours
10" in 48 hours
16" in 72 hours
23.8" in the last 4 days
35" in the last 5 days
63.2" since February 1st
191.3" on the season!

Snowshoe Mountain picked up another 5" and are now on 168" for the season. Twelve inches more and they’re on their season average of 180" and there’s lots of season left!

Wisp Resort has the top honors in natural snowfall this past week with 69" in the last SEVEN DAYS. Vancouver could use some of that!

Appalachian Ski Mountain is reporting a minimum base of 72" on their website, but that is a mistake – it’s actually a minimum of 82". Somehow their overnight guy had a typo and dropped 10" from their report. It isn’t often that you have to tell a resort to kick their base report UP A NOTCH! It is what it is though! …and it IS 82" minimum!

Cataloochee Ski Area is open for all sessions today (Sunday). On Sundays they normally are only open for day sessions but this is President’s Day weekend (and Valentine’s Day) so they will night ski and ride as well!

Wolf Ridge Resort saw another 2.2" of powder on Saturday as well.

We’re on day 77 and there are 60 more days of opportunities to enjoy the snow for the 2009-2010 ski and snowboarding season!

That’s it for today. Go enjoy the snow! Check out the Snow Report at https://www.skisoutheast.com/skireports.php  and please send us your favorite ski photos, ski videos, trip reports and comments to [email protected]  

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