Fall Color is PEAKING RIGHT NOW and Snow Showers MAY be on the way!

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A week or more ago we wrote that many areas of North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland were close to if not past peak. That was true for the highest elevations, but with each day that passes MORE color seems to pop out! It is safe to say that the majority of the mountains of Western North Carolina all the way to the higher elevations of West Virginia and Maryland are NOW at peak color!

This Fall’s Color show has been perfectly timed for tourism as last weekend was cold and beautiful…and this coming weekend will offer some very Autumn-like weather with sunny skies, temps in the 50s and lots of awe-inspiring color along the scenic highways and byways of the region.

While ridgetops are at or slightly past peak color, most other areas are hitting it just in time for the weekend’s fun.

Make plans to visit your favorite location and enjoy!


Andrea Smith up at Snowshoe Mountain emailed us the other day about a little flurry or two that fell up at Snowshoe last week but they haven’t YET seen the season’s first measureable snowfall – so if you haven’t entered the contest for FREE LIFT TICKETS, skip over to the front page of the site and click on the Snowshoe Contest icon and enter today!

A few weather gurus are hinting that some of the higher elevations may see some snow on Monday night and into Tuesday morning of next week. That’s a little far out right now, but colder air is filtering in behind these next couple of 70° days. Some are saying that the higher elevations could see some snow showers early next week. Stay tuned…

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