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Meteorologist Brad Panovich joins our Team – officially!

<A capture of one of Brad’s video forecast last season via skiSoutheast.com

We’re really excited to announce that Brad Panovich has committed to join our team for the 2009-2010 ski and snowboarding season. Brad is well known to SkiNC and our SkiSoutheast.com visitors as our unofficial weather guru and fan of all things snow and skiing in the Southeast and Mid Atlantic. He’s created a following on our website since he began posting weather content on our messageboard and via a few forecast videos on our front page a few seasons ago. Viewers in the Charlotte, North Carolina, Time Warner, Charter and DirectTV audiences in most of North Carolina know him from his weather forecasts via the NBC NewsChannel 36 broadcasts.

Notice the SkiSoutheast Summit logo included on one of his NewsChannel 36 broadcasts>

Brad is now the Chief Meteorologist for NewsChannel 36. He graciously provided our fans with a couple of video forecasts last season as impending snows approached, but fans of our content asked for more. Two seasons ago he provided us with a Winter Skier’s Forecast for the 2007-2008 ski season that was very well received. That prompted us to ask Brad to come on board in a more frequent manner and he has agreed to do so. Brad will be providing his take on the upcoming, 2009-2010 season via a Winter Skier’s Forecast video that will go LIVE just prior to October 31st. Then once the ski and snowboarding season kicks in he will be providing studio quality video forecasts at least every two days all season long for all of our coverage area from Wisp Resort through the Virginias, Tennessee and North Carolina. If snow is eminent, he promises to update us as needed daily!

Besides being a highly qualified meteorologist, Panovich is a fellow snowbird, lover of snow and all of the ski areas of the region. If there’s a snowflake eminent, Brad will forecast it and that is something that all of our visitors love. As messageboard member "eastcoaster" recently stated, "My prediction is that Weatherman Brad’s prediction (weather forecast for the region) will have lots and lots of forecasted snow."

Brad is known as WXBrad on the messageboard and regularly posts information there when snow is in the forecast. This season should be a special one and we want to thank Brad Panovich for agreeing to officially join our team to bring you guys the best, most accurate weather forecasts. To our knowledge, we’re the only ski and snow reporting website on the east coast that has long had numerous meteorologists providing input. We expect that we’ll continue to incorporate several meteorologists’ input throughout the upcoming season and appreciate all of our weather and content partners.

In addition to being a great weather guru, Panovich is also one of the most tech savvy meteorologists around. He also serves as the hurricane expert for CruiseSource and has more than 1700 people following him via Twitter – and many fellow meteorologists in constant contact.

We’re hoping to partner with additional meteorologist to provide some additional, ski area specific content and we’ll share more about that in the coming two weeks.

Welcome again Brad and we look forward to your video broadcasts!

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