EPIC Conditions (up to 9 inches of new snow!) for Opening Weekend Across ALL Ski Areas Open!

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EPIC! That’s the word for today! Due to some last second travel plans I am combining the two website reports for this morning and we’ll post some TRIP REPORTS later as well.

Friday was an amazing day that started out with a snow forecast for a dusting to perhaps 1" of new snow across Western North Carolina that turned into 6-7" of snow across most of the High country with the higher elevations around Beech reporting 8" of snow and the top of Sugar getting 9.5". Sugar is reporting 10-12" but that is a little liberal. The official reports are somewhat smaller. However, yours truly was up at the Reserve at Sugar Mountain at the tail end of the storm (around 1pm) and we measured 9.5" of snow (which is incredible) and snow drifts were in the two foot ranges.

I was up at the foot of Beech a bit later and there were ridges where snow drifts were closer to 3 feet! So we can’t blame some over-zealous, snow lovers for over reporting a tad! 🙂

Snowshoe and the WV resorts picked up another 3-4" from Friday’s storm and the word of the day for Saturday is POWDER. (Packed Powder as well!)

I took a group up to Sugar for night skiing last night and although the temp up top hovered from 3-4° all night, the conditions made it well worth the cold. Nice powder was along the upper Flying Mile sides and near perfect conditions were all across the open terrain.

Ski Beech is celebrating their OPENING DAY today with 4 trail openings. They are Lower Shawneehaw, Powder Bowl, Freestyle, and Playyard. I can tell you that I don’t think I have ever seen Beech reporting an opening base depth of 28-40" so the "New Day at the Beech" and the new management is making a difference. Go ski it and send us a report!

Conditions should be sweet at App, Cataloochee, Ski Beech, Sugar and Snowshoe today (that is everyone that is open for today!)

BOMBER – BOMBER conditions people! Get out and enjoy it and send us some TRIP REPORTS, PHOTOS, VIDEOS and more to: [email protected]

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