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One of these day’s I’m going to be able to devote all of my time to this website and when I do things won’t fall into cracks that aren’t found until almost too late. One of those "things" was a promotion of the video Grits that is now in its 4th release.  Drew Stanley, who is rather well known around the High Country, particularly among younger ski and snowboard enthusiast, wrote me wayyyyy back in October asking me to look at his video.  Drew’s a cool young man with a ton of talent on the snow and he made us aware of his video a couple of years ago.  Truthfully, it was good but for one reason or another, I never got around to really looking at it.

When he wrote me in October I was wrapped up in a lot tourism promotional things that accompany our web design business, but I remember promising myself that I would take some time – at some point – to look at it.  Weeks later we had a fast start to ski season and somehow Drew’s video fell into the black hole of a crack that comes from having too many irons in the fire.  Truth is we’re now at the halfway point in the season and we still have not implemented everything we intended to…but I guess as long as we continue to grow…who cares.

However, I was doing some "Outlook Cleaning" and I came across Drew’s email.  For a moment I started to skip it thinking that I was way too swamped to stop and look at it.  I’m really glad that I didn’t procrastinate looking at it – again.  Authored under the title of Grits  and produced by his "Plan B Productions" the video is very, very cool.

I remember seeing a few comments about it on the messageboard and a few people posted comments that I seem to remember as derogatory.  Those had to be written out of some jealousy or animosity towards the makers of the video, because quite frankly the film is very good.  Is it "Warren Miller" quality?  No.  However, are the ski resorts of the Southeast equal quality to skiing in Alaska, Utah or other more notable destinations?  Of course not.  So in some way, Grits  is to the Southern Ski Scene what Warrer Miller’s films are to the free skiers of the world.

The film is set to the old Pure PrairiecLeague song "Amie", and the riders in the film are some of the best young skiers and snowboards in the area. Over the years we’ve heard from and mentioned some of them like, Drew Stanley, Chris Reynolds, Hames, Keaton, Fish and others. These guys love skiing anywhere, and they are strong loyalist to Appalachian Ski Mountain’s terrain park. That’s understandable because it is home to them.  The fact is, doing what these guys do at App, is no different than doing it anywhere in the world.  You still have to have guts; you still have to be ten feet tall and bullet proof and you still have to have a love of the snow.  These guys have it and while their film may not be perfect, it is quite cool and we think it deserved a look from us WAY PRIOR to now. 

So in closing, Drew – we’re sorry that it took so long to look at it.  Your video is very cool and we’d like to see more.  For our visitors, we HIGHLY recommend taking a look at the video and maybe even give these guys your support.  The teaser is cool and the video is only $15.99 plus tax and shipping where applicable and we all know that we’ve thrown away more than that on hand warmers in one weekend!  Give these guys a look, and buy the video.  It’s young entrepreneurship at work and we think it deserves supporting if for no other reason than that.  However Grits IS cool!

You can see the video teaser by Clicking Here or Visit their website.

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