DIVERSE Weather and Conditions Around the Southeast’s Ski Resorts Today!

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We’re doing a little TRIP PLANNING today as we had a bunch of emails asking about the weather outlook for several specific areas. As we began to answer those questions we saw how crazy AND DIFFERENT the weather forecast was for the region Sunday through the week ahead, so we decided to get VERY DETAILED today so that you guys can get all of the answers that you want…

The weather forecast and conditions are so diverse across our region this morning, we thought that we’d break it down by RESORT today.

Here’s what’s happening by state:


Wisp Resort is reporting 20° this morning and although they have not updated their own slope conditions report this morning, we’re betting that they have the same 27 trails open today, and 2 New Terrain Parks! Bobcat Bowl Freeride Trail & Possum Learn-to Freestyle Park! They also have one of the best tubing hills in the region if you’re into adrenaline rides. Another adrenaline pumping activity that you guys need to try is their Mountain Coaster. It takes about 2 minutes to go from the top of the mountain to the bottom on this ride!

Weather: 1 to 3" of snow is expected today with 25 mph winds, gusting to 50 mph today. The low tonight should be around -2° with wind chills down around -21°! Monday’s high should be near 16°. COLD temps are forecasted for ALL week in Garrett County!


Snowshoe Mountain is at 24° this morning and they have seen a dusting of new snow! They have 57 trails offered today with (and I LOVE this surface statement by Laura Parquette) "Machine Made Corduroy"! Snowshoe’s grooming crew KNOWS corduroy! She’s writes, "Snow began falling several hours ago and a nice dusting of powder already covers the slopes at 6am. Up to an inch of snow is possible today, which is expected to be very cold and windy…be sure to bundle up out there! Snowmaking occured overnight as well and will continue in various spots today."

Snowshoe has snowmobiling, tubing, and two sweet terrain parks in addition to those 57 sweet trails open today.

Weather: Temps will fall from the mid 20s into the 12° range by 5pm with 20+ mph winds and gusts to 35 mph creating wind chills in the -11 mph range. The low tonight will be near -8° with wind chills at -27°! Monday’s highs and lows will be in the teens with little in the way of winds. On and off snow flurries and snow showers are expected all week at Snowshoe.

Canaan Valley is at 24° with 14 trails open for day skiing only on Sunday.

Timberline Resort is at 24° with 29 trails open today.

Weather: 1 to 3" of snow is in the forecast for both Davis, West Virginia resorts with the temp falling to 14° by 5pm. Winds will be in the 30 mph range with gusts to 55 mph! Tonight the temp will drop to -4° with winds around 30 mph and wind chills near -24°. Cold and snow is forecast most all week.

Winterplace Resort is at 34° so no snowmaking here yet…but they are expecting temps to drop all day and will begin making snow asap. They are 100% open with 28 trails, snow tubing on one giant tubing park and their terrain park is open as well.

Weather: Southern WV is showing a much different forecast as they are expected to fall to around 22° by 5pm with 25 mph winds gusting to as high as 65 mph! The low tonight will be around 3° with wind chills as low as -6°. Monday should be sunny with highs near 30° and lows around 24° The week ahead offers a mix of some freezing rain and/or rain on Tuesday, snow on Wednesday, sunny and a high near 45° on Thursday and colder than normal on Friday and Saturday.


Bryce Resort is overcast and 37° this morning. They are 100% open with all 8 trails, terrain park and snow tubing. They could use some snowmaking by have a good base.

Weather: Sunny today with highs near 38° and 25 mph winds gusting to 55 mph. Tonight’s low should be near 4° with 20 mph winds gusting to 40 mph! Monday will be cold and sunny with highs near 31° and lows around 14 with continued breezy conditions creating wind chills near -8°. Tuesday and Wednesday may bring some rain. Thursday will be sunny with a high near 49° and the weekend ahead looks nice with highs around 40° and lows allowing snowmaking!

Massanutten Resort is reporting 32° and they have dropped one open trail from Saturday and now have 9 trails open, with tubing and terrain park available. They are making snow as temps allow.

Weather: Sunny Sunday with a high near 41° and 25 mph winds gusting to 55 mph! The low tonight should be around 6° with wind chills around -1°. Monday will be a high near 33° with light winds around 8 mph. Lows Monday night will allow snowmaking. Tuesday and Wednesday looks wet and Thursday will be sunny with snowmaking overnight and then a cold weekend ahead.

Wintergreen Resort is reporting 32° right now and thanks to Anne Marie Jones, they are our Photo of the Day on SkiSoutheast.com! They have 22 trails open today and are making snow and have tubing, terrain park and very nice conditions.

Weather: They are expecting sunny skies today and highs near 48° today. Winds are expected to be around 34 mph gusting to 55 mph. The Sunday night low should be near 8° with 20 mph winds. Monday should be sunny with highs near 32° and very light, 5 mph winds and overnight lows near 17°. Tuesday and Wednesday will be wet but overnight lows Wednesday night should allow snowmaking. Thursday and Friday will be sunny with highs near 48° and lows near 27°. The weekend ahead looks great.


Ober Gatlinburg is at 38° and they have 5 trails open, but Lower Bear Run is temporarily closed.

Weather: The Smoky Mountain resorts weather continues to disappoint as far as providing condition-improving temps, etc. Today will be sunny and a high near 48° with 20 mph winds and gusting to 30 mph. They will be able to make snow Sunday night as temps drop to 19°. Monday will be partly cloudy with highs around 45° and lows at a borderline, snowmaking 30°. Tuesday will be near 55° with 38° Tuesday night. There’s no hope of snowmaking temps for the rest of the week into Saturday night with some rain in the forecast this week as well. (Sorry to report)


Appalachian is at 32° this morning. They are 100% open with very nice conditions today, terrain parks and ice skating.

Weather: Sunny and a high near 43° today with winds around 40 mph and gusts to SEVENTY (70) mph! Lows Sunday night near 17° with gusts around 60 mph! Monday should be sunny with a high near 44° and 20 mph winds and a low of 26°. Tuesday will be a bit wet with highs near 46° and a low around 37°. (No snowmaking.) Wednesday looks sunny with a high near 41°. They should be able to make snow Wednesday night as temps drop to 27°. It should be sunny but highs in the 40s and lows VERY borderline for snowmaking each night. So Sunday and Monday nights may offer App their only snowmaking for this week ahead.

Cataloochee reported a low near 30° this morning and DID make snow last night and offers DAY SKIING only today with 11 trails and their snow tubing park open today.

Weather: Sunday will be sunny with a high near 45° and winds around 20 mph and gusting to 40 mph. The Sunday night low will allow for snowmaking at 20° with gusting winds around 30 mph. Monday will be sunny with a high near 45° and lows around 22°. A mix of snow to rain for Tuesday as highs reach 51° and drop to 34° Tuesday night. Variably cloudy with highs near 45° Wednesday and lows around 26°. Thursday and Friday should be near 50° with lows close to 30°.

Hawksnest Resort dropped to 28° overnight and made snow. They have 9 trails open, terrain features and the tubing hill, but they have delayed their opening on Sunday til 12:30pm due to the high winds.

<Making snow at 9:00am this morning but looking a little thin…

Ski Beech saw a low of 27° last night and made snow and offers 12 trails, terrain park and ice skating for Sunday. They are looking pretty good for Sunday, but do have some thin and bare areas showing along the sides. They are still making snow though as temps allow today and with some more snowmaking should be in good shape for the week ahead. (It’s been a fight all season long for Beech.) Also they do not have "packed powder" conditions which is what they are reporting. Packed manmade would be more accurate.

Sugar is making snow and they report that they may close the red lift due to winds periodically on Sunday. They have 19 trails open today, terrain park, tubing and ice skating. Sugar looks nothing short of amazing today.

Weather: The weather for Hawksnest, Sugar and Beech mountains are all pulled from the same source although winds atop Beech will be slightly higher than the other two. Sunday will be sunny with a high near 41° with winds around 25 mph gusting to 55 mph. Sunday night’s low will allow for snowmaking as it drops to 18° with winds gusting to 45 mph. Monday will be sunny and a high near 38° with light winds. Monday night should allow for snowmaking as it will be around 22°. Tuesday looks slightly wet with showers and a high near 47° with the low dropping to 34°. Wednesday should be decent but a shower or two is not out of the question with highs near 40° and lows around 25°. (Snowmaking ops!) Thursday looks nice with sunny skies and highs near 50° and a low near 29°. Friday and Saturday looks okay with highs in the 40s and lows in the 30s.

Wolf Ridge made snow overnight and now has 16 trails open, as well as the terrain park and tubing hill. They look pretty good right now!

Weather: Sunday will be sunny and a high near 46° with winds gusting to 40 mph. Sunday night will drop to 18° with 35 mph winds. Monday looks sunny with highs around 40° and a low near 25° (snowmaking ops!). Tuesday and Wednesday look mild and wet. Thursday stays mild but dry with highs around 56° and lows near 32°.


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