Dear Santa, Make it Snow

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It’s hard to be optimistic when I look at the weather over the next 48 hours.  At least it’s almost Christmas and we have that to look forward to.  I’m pretty stoked as my girlfriend gave me my gift early…a bluetooth headphones liner for my helmet.  Technology and snowboarding…two of my favorite things.  Stoked!  I won’t have to worry about cords anymore.  Hashtag first world problems.

Brad Panovich literally just emailed Mike and I with his updated ski forecast.  Good timing.  As he says, Mother Nature hates us right now.

It’ll be cold enough for snowmaking on Christmas and over the weekend up into the northern part of the region (West Virginia and Maryland), but it looks like really chilly air doesn’t arrive until next week…hopefully.  I feel like everything the models have been showing 5 or 6 days out recently has completely fizzled out.  Thursday through the weekend is still shaping up to be pretty decent, especially the further north you go.  Snowshoe is killing it right now when you look at the weather we’ve had to deal with so far this year.

We’ve just got to get through the underdeveloped snow today and tomorrow first.  I know I’ll be doing some last minute shopping today to occupy my time.  Yup, I’m that guy who waits until the last minute.  Every year.
I found it funny to read stuff about the recent wet snow out in Utah.  People out there are so spoiled.  I would be too I guess.  If you’ve never been, that place really has the best snow on Earth.  They’re not used to the wet, heavy stuff.  Reading through some posts on TGR and social media and it’s quite funny to see some people complaining.  I’d take a foot or two of any type of snow any day, especially right now!  It’s all about perspective I guess.  End rant.

That’s about it for this morning.  Check out the SNOW REPORT page for a good look at all the current conditions right now.  Mike will be with you guys for the next few days while I eat all the Christmas food.  He’s heading to Vail on Friday so I”ll be back then.  So jealous!  They just got over a foot.  Lucky dawg.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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