Davis WV Skiing

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The Ski Resort at Canaan Valley West Virginia offers tons of great slopes and runs to enjoy and the best Davis WV Skiing in the state! Canaan Valley Resort lies in the gorgeous West Virginia Highlands region, high atop a mountain peak in the Allegheny Mountains. When you go Davis WV Skiing here you can choose from the more than thirty-nine ski slopes which have something for everyone including beginner, intermediate and advanced runs for all of those enjoying Davis WV Skiing. Imagine going Davis WV Skiing on a run that has a vertical drop of 850 feet, or speeding down the 6,000-foot long run at Canaan Valley Resort; all of this is possible at Canaan Valley WV Resort in Davis WV.

It’s really no surprise that the Davis WV Skiing at Canaan Valley West Virginia is commonly publicized in travel and leisure magazines. However, when Men’s Journal & USA Today both called Davis, WV (the adorable ski town right outside of the resort) one of the "10 Coolest Mountain Towns," people took notice and started visiting Canaan Valley WV Resorts for more than just the phenomenal Davis WV Skiing that can be enjoyed here. The locals are friendly and the lodging, dining and ski shops are all top notch, and, of course, the outdoor scenery is unmatched. Do not miss your opportunity to enjoy Canaan Valley WV Skiing at this fantastic WV Ski Resort.

In addition to the great Canaan Valley WV Skiing, snowboarders also love the resort and mountain and Davis WV Snowboarding. For those looking to Davis WV Snowboard, Canaan Valley Resort offers Davis Snowboard rentals and has a popular, new terrain park that is complete with rails and mailboxes. The fact that the region gets about 150 inches of natural snow per season is what makes Davis Ski or Snowboard so popular! If you are looking for a Davis Snowboard Rental, then check the information on our Davis WV Rentals page.

Looking for information on Canaan Valley WV? We have everything you need to plan a West Virginia Ski Vacation to Canaan Valley WV. Learn more about Canaan Valley Lodging, lift ticket prices, and get deals on Davis WV Rentals. SkiSoutheast.com is happy to provide up-to-date Canaan Valley Snow Conditions and tons of information on Davis WV Skiing at Canaan Valley Resort.

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