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We have had a few people email us about results from the Cupp Run Challenge that took place on Monday a week ago. Thanks to Snowshoe’s Lindsay Kutsko for proving us with this update:

Yesterday’s Cupp Run Challenge may have been the coldest to go down in history, but this year’s race will go down in history at Snowshoe Mountain for greater reasons than the temperature.

The infamous Cupp Run Challenge at Snowshoe Mountain raised a new bar in Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern downhill racing yesterday, as the race began at the top of Cupp Run and went all the way to the bottom, finishing at Arbuckles Cabin. Racing the full 1,500 vertical feet seemed like a daunting task but was taken on by 76 “challengers” on the unforgivably cold Monday.

Trevyn Newpher, Race Programs Manager, had great things to say about the success of this new “challenge.”

“As each racer came across the finish line and hurried into the warmth of Arbuckles they were quick to state their support of the new course setup,” said Newpher. “I believe we have started a new tradition and revived the spirit of this truly one of a kind event.”

The overall winning time for the men’s ski division was posted by Keith Poore with a 1:49:64, and the top female coming through with a 2:09:46, Kathy Hurdcarillo.

“I would like to congratulate those who were a part of this monumental day here at Snowshoe Mountain, and also thank those who made it possible,” said Newpher.

1 38 Women Kathy Hurdcarrillo 2:09.46 (1) 2:09.46 (1)
2 191 Women Mallory Crandall 2:12.24 (1) 2:12.24 (1)
3 177 Women Catalina Lehmann 2:21.71 (2) 2:21.71 (2)

1 987 Mens Keith Poore 1:49.64 (1) 1:49.64 (1)
2 189 Mens Petere Mardosa 1:55.70 (1) 1:55.70 (1)
3 190 Mens Justin Crandall 1:55.78 (1) 1:55.78 (1)

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