Cold Temps, Some Snow, Some Snowmaking and Great Conditions at Southeast and Mid Atlantic Resorts!

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Temps across the Southeast and Mid Atlantic are showing some amazingly wide variances this morning. Cataloochee Ski Area is reporting 32° and most of the North Carolina resorts are showing low 20s. As you move north into Virginia temperatures drop into the teens with Massanutten showing 15° and Wintergreen reporting 14°. The West Virginia and Maryland resorts will probably not even SEE the 20s for highs today. Lows this morning are from 4° at Wisp at Deep Creek to 7° at Snowshoe. All are looking for highs today that will not get out of the teens! So much for a warm March!

Wisp at Deep Creek Resort just keeps on getting the snow! Before the snows quit from Sunday into Monday, Wisp picked up another 2” and that takes them to 105” on the season. As we reported yesterday, they have now surpassed their annual snowfall totals (100”) and there’s still a month of season left! Wisp has great conditions today on 30 trails. The low this morning is 4° so bundle up!


Our buddy, Joe Stevens is the official spokesman for the West Virginia Ski Areas and since we’re covering the WV report, we’ll simply share Joe’s comments. Before we provide that, the temps in WV are COLD this morning! Canaan Valley is showing 6°, Snowshoe – 7° and Timberline – 4° and highs today should be in the teens!

Here’s Joe’s “WV Terrain Talk report”:


The month of March historically means some of the best skiing, riding and snowtubing on the slopes in the mountains of West Virginia. There is no doubt that history is going to repeat itself this year, due to the excellent conditions being reported by ski areas in the mountain state. If you hadn’t noticed, spring skiing, riding and snowtubing means fun and in West Virginia that fun will continue through the first week of April.

A recent warm spell had the doubting Thomas’ reaching for their golf clubs and then Mother Nature dropped in once again and coated West Virginia’s mountains with snow again this past weekend, over a half a foot in some places. That should delay the driving range trip for a few more weeks and keep the skis and snowboards in hands reach for those spring trips to Canaan Valley, Snowshoe Mountain, Timberline and Winterplace resorts.

The month of February was generous when it comes to natural snow for Winterplace, Timberline, Snowshoe Mountain and Canaan Valley resorts. Depending on the location, over four-feet of snow fell in the higher elevations. The most available terrain in terms of slopes and acreage continues to be found in West Virginia, with all 159 trails open for skiing and snowboarding.

Spring skiing, riding and snowtubing is a time when layer upon layer of clothing shouldn’t be needed. It’s a time when a fleece or a vest is what one might only need while playing in the outdoors on the slopes in West Virginia. Then there is the thing about prices and unless you have been under a mogul during recent seasons you already know the cost of lift tickets and lodging have already started to drop. Unlike the strong snow bases on the slopes at this time. Not only are the conditions very nice, but the reduced prices are nice also.

There are a number of upcoming activities at West Virginia winter resorts for the spring skiing and riding season and the best way to find out what’s happening in the mountain state is to go online at . Winter continues and so are the best conditions and most available terrain in the region for skiing, riding and tubing in the mountains of West Virginia.

VIRGINIA REPORT – None of the Virginia resort made snow last night but all look good as we get to mid-week.

Bryce is showing very nice conditions are their webcams this morning. They did not make snow but have plenty to ride out the remainder of their season and all 8 trails are open.

Massanutten is looking nice today with 22° and Groomed conditions on all 14 trails. They have not been making snow either but they have plenty of base to make it to March 18th. We have been reporting that they were ending their season on March 17th, but they actually meant the weekend of Mar 17th, hence the March 18th date for the last day for the 2006-2007 season. They are in very nice shape today.

Wintergreen Resort has 25 trails and great tubing awaiting you for today!

OBER GATLINBURG – They are looking nice today with 6 trails available. The will not be making anymore snow as this is their last week of skiing and snowboarding for the season. They will end their season this Sunday, so get to Ober for the last few days of the season. There’s plenty of snow!


It’s ten degrees milder than yesterday morning but still cold enough to make snow last night! That is the news that needs to be paid special attention to. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but base depths have been going UP at some resorts. Appalachian, Cataloochee, Ski Beech, and Sugar have made a good bit of snow and each showed increases in base depths within the last couple of days. That is a sure sign that we’ll have some amazing conditions as we go into the middle days of March. Ski Beech has actually made snow each of the last four nights and that should insure great conditions for the next few days.

For those who have been wondering about the quality of snow and NOT been getting the message correctly – the NORMAL highs and lows for March 6th are 53° and 31°. For the record, today’s high should be around 41° and the low tonight should be around 28° or so. Perception is everything, and you guys should ignore those temperatures that YOU might be experiencing if you live off the mountain and come on up for what many say is the prime ski season. Prime snow quality, prime snow base depth, and no crowds.

Cataloochee is open today from 1pm til 10pm with 100% of their terrain available for day skiing. Tammy Brown wrote, “We will continue to make snow as long as temperatures permit throughout the month of March and we have great coverage and plenty of snow which will allow us to ski and ride throughout the rest of the month.”

Ski Beech is making snow this morning and has all night. They will make snow as long as temps allow. That makes it four nights in a row that Beech has made snow, and combined with the bit of natural they got a couple of nights ago, things are in very nice shape for today. 14 of 15 trails are open with groomed conditions. Ski Beech Sports and the Red Baron Room Snowboard shop are having a big late season sale on all items, including half price on all clothing so if you’re in need of some equipment or clothing be sure to check that out.

Sugar Mountain made snow as well. They also have been making snow on their tubing hill and NOW HAVE IT OPEN AGAIN. Conditions should be sweet on their 20 open trails. Don’t forget that Sugar has a SPYDER SAMPLE SALE under way! Don’t miss 30% off 2008 Spyder sample items, 50% off 2007 Spyder sample items and 60% off any left over 2006 Spyder Samples items. Plus, 20% off other brand name apparel like Burton, Nils and Obermeyer. Additionally, MARCH MADNESS-Beginning March 5, 2007 and running through the end of the season, Sugar offers up to 25% savings on lift tickets, rental equipment, and lessons. Some Restrictions apply.

Hawksnest, Sapphire and Wolf Ridge are not skiing today. All are planning to be open this weekend. Certainly the best conditions will be at the resorts that have been making snow, but there’s plenty of snow at all of the resorts.

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