Cold, Snowy and Windy Sunday for North Carolina Ski Resorts

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The big news this morning is the forecast for the next week across all of Western North Carolina and for that matter – the entire Southeast and Mid Atlantic! After ONE day of mild temps in North Carolina on Saturday – things have roared back to frigid again and along with those colder temps comes SNOW!

Sunday is another travel day for me as I am headed back to the High Country from Wisp at Deep Creek Resort in Maryland. It began snowing hard (I really mean hard) last night and from 8pm until 11pm they received close to 2” of snow and as of this morning update at 7:20am it is still snowing although total accumulations thus far is about 3”. On our way in on Thursday they saw 7” of snow, so maybe we can take some of that kind of snowfall to our beloved Western NC Mountains!

You can see the snowfalls totals, as well as slope conditions for NC and all of the Southeast and Mid Atlantic Resorts by clicking over to as well.

The Coming Week Looks Snowy and Frigid!

Saturday was a mild day in North Carolina with highs in the 40s and low 50s. This morning those temps are history as most places are at 30° or colder already at 7:20am this morning. Those temps will continue to drop. Some areas are reporting a light wintry mix this morning and others are seeing light snow. Those flurries are forecasted to pick up in intensity and deliver from 2-5” of snow across the High Country. Wrap up, because forecasters are also saying that it will be amazingly windy this evening with 20-30 mph winds and gusts much higher than that.

Lows tonight will be into the single digits and then more snow is in the forecast for Monday and Tuesday. Highs in the 20s and lows in the teens for Sunday through Wednesday. More wintry weather is in the forecast for Thursday into the weekend!

Check the slope conditions page for all of the details, but here’s the quick summaries:

Appalachian Ski Mountain – Trace 32° – 100% Open!

Cataloochee Ski Area – No Report on Snow – 33° – 11 of 12 Slopes Open! – Tammy Brown Reports, “We are now open on more terrain than ever before in Cataloochee history, including the newly widened with snowmaking Lower Snowbird Trail, which last was open in 1979. We will continue to make snow on the Upper Snowbird Trail as temperatures permit in order to open on 100% of the mountain in the upcoming days.” Cataloochee is open today for Day Skiing Only.

Hawksnest Resort – At 5am reported no new snow and 29° – 9 slopes + Tubing Open. Top Gun is Open!

Ski Beech Resort – Trace of New Snow and the forecast is for snow and falling temperatures. At 6am it was 28° and they were making snow. Beech offers 10 trails today, including Robbins Run.

Sugar Mountain – Trace of New Snow and 27° – They will have 17 trails open as well as 5 lanes of their tubing hill.

Wolf Ridge Resort – No Report of Snow as Yet – They added (3) open trails and now report 15 trails plus tubing for today!

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Cold and Snowy Sunday for The Southeast and Mid Atlantic Ski Resorts
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