Cold Returns Tonight and this Weekend at Southeast Ski Areas

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This continues to be a WELL TIMED Winter in the sense that each time conditions begin to be a little too loose or when thin coverage and bare spots begin to show through at some ski areas…things turn cold.  That is the case again today as most areas of the Southeast are reporting a few inches of base depth drop…and most all are reporting variable to loose granular conditions. So it will be Spring Skiing conditions today across the region for the most part.

There’s PLENTY of good snow across all trails at ALL resorts so even with the milder conditions that we’ve had, there is plenty of snow.  Check out the Photos of the Day and/or Live cameras for a closer look at how much snow is out there!  Resort further north into West Virginia and particularly Wisp Resort in Maryland are looking pretty nice today.  While conditions there will be a little wet to loose today, there are no areas reporting thin coverage or bare spots.

Further South, into Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina – this cold snap approaching for the weekend could not be coming at a better time!  Ski Beech and Sugar Mountain are looking a bit worn with thin coverage and bare spots on some of their main trails…clearly visible on the live cams this morning.  Cataloochee in Maggie Valley has had a great season and they continue today to have nice conditions…and the same can be said for Appalachian Ski Mountain in Blowing Rock, North Carolina .  Hawksnest was doing some nice grooming this morning and they look very nice today as well.  Beech and Sugar have plenty of side to side coverage and all but one trail open for skiing and riding today – but AGAIN this cold air that is infiltrating the region tonight and into the weekend could not be better timed.

Cold enough air to make snow should hit the region tonight and snowguns could be running most all of the weekend at some ski areas.  Some will have temps borderline during the daytime hours to make for great skiing during the day and snowmaking occurring only at night! (THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!)

Today should be the last mild day we will see for the next four or five days at least.  Here is yet another example of how TIMELY a winter this has been in terms of keeping decent to great conditions on the slopes. Regardless of whatever huge numbers are being inflated regarding base depths at some ski areas there ARE some thin coverage and bare spots shining this morning.  In North Carolina , the best snow today will be at Appalachian, Hawksnest and Cataloochee from what we can see on the LIVE CAMS this morning and from eyewitness reports.

Both Ski Beech and Sugar Mountain dropped their base depths by two inches.  However Sugar’s 29” minimum base depth and apparently some of the 76” of maximum have a translucent quality to them because we are seeing thin coverage and bare spots on some of the main trails this morning.  There’s plenty of good, Spring-like conditions and side to side coverage, but we thought we’d let you know that there are some thin and bare areas since that’s not being reflected in their reports.

WE TOLD YOU GUYS…SAPPHIRE VALLEY IS CLOSED FOR THE SEASON – As we forecasted earlier in the week after looking at the weather forecast for Sapphire and the calendar…They HAVE indeed closed for the season.  That is not being reflected on other regional and national ski websites.  However they have told us that they will not be reopening until DECEMBER.

In summary, conditions will be pretty doggone good for today.  Expect variable to loose granular conditions no matter where you go today.  There may be a thin coverage or bare spot or two at most of the resorts, but NOTHING you can’t simply ski around with TONS of good skiable terrain open at ALL resorts.  The GREAT news is that the TIMING is good yet again such that COLD air is infiltrating the region tonight and even more so Friday night and through the weekend.  Snowmaking and grooming will make for what should be VERY, VERY NICE conditions across the region.

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