Cold Day and Great Conditions at NC Ski Mountains!

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Yesterday was kind of cool in the sense that it snowed all day.  Actually we’ve had snow around the Western North Carolina Mountains for the last two days.  However, for the most part it was one of those snows that you kind of wonder WHERE does it all end up!?!  Cataloochee and Beech recorded 2” of snow from the last two days and according to local weather guru, Ray Russell our more favored elevations received 1-3” of snow, and even though we don’t doubt the officially measured, “fall from the sky” amounts…it REALLY looks more like a good dusting all across the region.  Brisk breezes limited the “stacked” look to this 2” or so!

Also, we HAVE to mention this even though a handful of people are going to think that this is a negative reference – We are PROUD of Sugar Mountain’s reporting of natural snows from the last two snowfalls.  They didn’t even report any depth from these last two snow-teasers!  Don’t tell ME we don’t influence people in high places!  The fact is, however Sugar received just as much snow (according to the NWS) as Cataloochee, Beech and Hawksnest reported, which was somewhere in the 1-2” range. I want to just say that it is VERY COOL of them to “come around”…way to go guys!

(We included a photo on the full story page taken this morning across from Sugar Mountain.)

So – the cold temps and light snows will make for VERY nice – mostly groomed and/or Frozen Granular – conditions across the state.  It should be a GREAT weekend of skiing no matter where you ski this weekend.  There should be lots of sunshine so get us some great pics!

The talk around the state (emails) is that we’re looking at another bout of non-snowmaking weather for the next seven days AFTER today.  Resorts should be making a ton of snow today – wear your goggles! – and they will be making snow tonight and then as long as temps allow on Sunday.  Sunday will mild up to near 50° and then it will be about 4-5 degrees milder than normal for the next week as far as HIGH temps go and more than 10-12 degrees milder than normal for lows. Don’t fret though because there is plenty of snow base down and conditions should be EXCELLENT today and Sunday, a little loose the rest of the week, but nice through the period and then COLD air looks to be coming back in seven days or so.

One person asked when was the most snow for this period we are moving into.  Coincidentally, TODAY, January 7th, back in 1996 we received 12” of snow in one 24 hour period.  January 8th, 1988 we received 8” of snow, January 9th of 1978 we received 6” and January 10th of 1977 we received a foot of snow.  So we are in a snowy period, traditionally and the snows and cold will return. 

Here’s some good data to enjoy!


Record High

Record Low

Record Snow

January 7

59° (1982)

-3° (1968)

12.0" (1996)

January 8

59° (1965)

-8° (1970)

8.0" (1988)

January 9

62° (1975)

-12° (1970)

6.0" (1978)

January 10

66° (1974)

-26° (1982)

12.0" (1977)

Enjoy your day and maybe we’ll see you on the slopes!

Until Next Time!

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