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Sugar and Wisp also have ICE SKATING OPEN TODAY!!!

Happy Birthday to my sister! Sorry for the shameless plug but it’s early in the season and not much is going on in terms of skiing and snowboarding this morning – with the exception of Catalcoochee Ski Area (OPEN WITH TWO TRAILS), Sugar Mountain (OPEN WITH TWO TRAILS and ICE SKATING) and Wisp Resort open with Ice Skating only.)

Cataloochee is always pretty cool about offering only the best of on slope experiences for their guests. They posted this this morning:

"On Saturday, November 17 we will be open from 8:30am until 4:30pm, skiing from midstation down on Lower Omigosh, Over Easy and Rabbit Hill, lift tickets are $35 and yes, once again…guests unhappy with conditions will be given a FULL refund after making one run. After one run, no refunds will be given. Keep THINKING COLD…see you Saturday!!"

Cat has a veritable cloud of snowmaking happening as of 7:24am so we’re thinking that guests will keep making turns til they close this afternoon at 4:30pm.

Appalachian Ski Mountain didn’t make their hoped for November 16th opening day and posted:

"Appalachian Ski Mtn. will not be open for skiing or snowboarding on our scheduled Opening Day of November 16. Although the weather has been somewhat seasonal for early November, sustained temperatures have not yet dropped in the range needed for productive snowmaking. All ASM employees are watching the forecast constantly, and plan to take full advantage of the next opportunity to make snow in the coming days & weeks as temperatures permit. Information regarding snowmaking, ice skating, and opening day will be posted online as soon as it becomes available."

We’ve had some decent, early season temps so far and that bodes well for snowmaking and snow for the upcoming season. I know a lot of people are emailing us about whether or not ski resorts will be open for Thanksgiving Weekend skiing and snowboarding and I’ll say that from what we are seeing in the forecast, Cataloochee and Sugar will be open in North Carolina and Snowshoe will be open in West Virginia and I think that will be it.

We are just not seeing consistently cold enough temps around the region to make snow for those who have not already BEEN making snow. Cat, Sugar and Snowshoe got the jump on everyone and with bare slopes for the rest, there just won’t be ops to make snow to get open for anyone else.

That’s it for today.

I’ll have some fun at the expense of someone tomorrow…so if you guys like it when I get a little testy, be sure to check in on Sunday morning.

Til then drop me an email at [email protected]

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