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Local Snowboarders Dominate Summer Competition

Temperatures hit record highs across the United States recently; and it seemed the summer sun beat down more aggressively than ever before. People took desperate measures to stay cool; from swimming pools to the slopes, people found ways to beat this unbearable heat. Yes, that’s right. You didn’t read it wrong, I said the slopes.

Saturday, July 17, Ski Beech sponsored the Brackish Summer Jam, a snowboard competition held at the Liberty Mountain Snowflex. Many probably were a little hesitant at first of snowboarding on what they thought was carpet: they were pleasantly surprised to find it was nothing of the sort.

What is Snowflex? It is a synthetic material designed to simulate the slip and grip effects of snow. Located atop Liberty University, the Liberty Mountain Snowflex is the country’s premier point for year-round skiers and snowboarders.

Area snowboarders made the trek all the way to Lynchburg, Va., to compete for prizes and support Brackish, a new snowboarding apparel company based in North Carolina. Created in the Sierra Mountains and brought to life in the Appalachians, Brackish thrives on a mixture of culture and style. That mixture makes the snowboard a lifestyle, not just a recreational outlet. This coming season, Brackish will be carried in shops in the southeast.
As the summer sun beat down on the competitors and the smell of a summer cookout circulated through the air, spectators watched awestruck at the competitors’ fearless moves and flawless tricks.

The High Country of North Carolina dominated the competition, with Appalachian State University student Lauren Pandolfi taking top female honors, and Beech Mountain resident Kris Jones taking home top honors among the men.

So, for all you snowboard junkies out there who are itching to ride, but don’t have any snow, think again. Before you make that trip to the beach, perhaps you should check out the Liberty Snowflex Center.

For more information on Liberty Snowflex and Brackish clothing, visit their websites at:

Article by Talia Freeman

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