“Better than Spring” Conditions at Appalachian, Cataloochee and Sugar Mountain!

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Matthew East has posted his latest Skier’s Forecast for the Mid Atlantic and Southeast Ski Resorts and the quick summary is that we should see some snowmaking opportunities tonight and maybe Saturday night. There is a good chance of some light rain this weekend, and possibly some light snow behind that.

You can view his latest weather summary video by clicking here

That forecast means that Spring Skiing will be at a premium at least today through Thursday and into Friday. Monday was a sweet day to be out on the slopes and well.

Joe Stevens also posted his "Joe Knows Snow" update yesterday and within it HE spoke about how good conditions are at our resorts and also warned fans that we should not pay attention to forecasts that are outside of the realm of ACTUAL forecasting and what he meant by that is the fact that long range forecasts (ten days and beyond) are actually relating historical averages and not an actual forecast based on fronts, air streams, etc that may be off in the distance.

A few of our forecasters have actually shared the fact that behind this coming weekend’s backside, light snow event is some dry and warmer air early next week (6 days out) and then they are forecasting another cold front that looks to be arriving the middle of next week (9 days out), so keep thinking COLD and SNOW and maybe we can extend these really nice conditions that we are seeing at the resorts right now.


We are already getting a few emails asking, "Will ‘xyz resort’ be open on ‘xyz weekend’?" The answer to that is based MORE on you guys than you may think. We have already posted the intended closing dates for all of the ski resorts that have released that information. So check the SLOPE CONDITIONS page for that information. However, what experienced fans of the Southeast and Mid Atlantic ski resorts already know (and what the rest of you should learn) is that almost all of the ski areas close up NOT because of a lack of snow, but due to a lack of skier visits.

When the math doesn’t add up to pay for the operating expenses and employees, then they close. It is really that simple. Most of the ski areas have announced specific closing dates and some are March 23rd, some March 30th. However, some resorts such as Hawksnest will ski as long as they can offer decent conditions AND AS LONG AS PEOPLE ARE COMING TO THE MOUNTAIN. There’s plenty of good conditions out there right now and no lift lines, and temperatures that make riding the snow about as good as it gets. So get out and make a few turns before the "math" forces your resort to end their season.


<Looks like mid January conditions today at App!

Appalachian Ski Mountain had a low of 31° last night but just missed the chance to make snow. They look GREAT this morning with 100% of their terrain open for day and night skiing. Both terrain parks are open and look GREAT as well. I may head there tonight!

Cataloochee had a low of 26° and reports that they made snow. They have 50% of their terrain open (7 trails) and they have some very nice looking, groomed conditions this morning. (We hope we can get these guys to get a better webcam before next season!) 

Big Red at Sugar Mountain looks inviting this morning!>

Sugar Mountain did not report any snowmaking although temps looked like they dropped low enough to crank them. Sugar’s reporting a low last night of 28°. They have 17 trails open with what looks like darn nice conditions via all of the cams pointed at them. The top of Big Red looks particularly nice! They report that their terrain park is closed. Ice Skating is closed today as well.

<Ski Beech looks better this morning than on a few mornings in January – (They are closed for the season.)

Ski Beech looks better this morning than they did a few times earlier in the season yet they are closed. We had some Ski Beech employees who attended the 1st Annual SkiSoutheast.com Summit this past weekend and they each expressed disappointment over the early closing. They also shared some concerns over the management team and we may share those in some closing statements when we wrap up the season at the end of the month.

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