Snow News is Good News

Hello Everyone –

If you haven’t been able to experience this year’s conditions you have been missing out on not only excellent early season conditions but superb mid-season conditions.  I think the moral to this story is that everyone have been good boys and girls and its Santa’s way of rewarding all of his skiers and snowboarders.  Just make sure you leave a few extra cookies for the big guy this year. Seriously, every skier and snowboarder, should be happy with all of the snow that is under their tree this year.  If anyone isn’t pleased, may I say three ghosts may be making a visit to you very soon? 

Usually when someone in the southeast gets new equipment for Christmas, there has been a tendency to wait a while for the conditions to improve.  Not this year my friend.  If it isn’t perfect out there right now, I don’t know what perfect is. Pick a day, any day, from Tennessee to North Carolina to Virginia to West Virginia or Maryland, it just doesn’t matter.  If you are looking for vertical its open, if you are looking for terrain parks, they’re open, how about tubing, no worries there either.  During the upcoming holidays, families from the deep south, such as Florida and Georgia will be headed to the mountains of the five states and won’t be disappointed. There is no chance whatsoever of not experiencing a white Christmas this year.  

I can’t remember when this many resorts were 95% or 100% open by Christmas this is just unheard of in these parts.  It wasn’t but just a couple of years ago that a number of the resorts were just praying to have something available for Christmas Day.  Now that’s just a past memory.  To tell you the truth, not only will the weather help this year’s resort traffic, but everyone will be remembering this season next and waiting and hoping for the same result.  Now that’s looking ahead just a little too much.

It’s really tough right now to talk or write about anything as it pertains to the industry without talking about the conditions.  I guess it’s just best to say, surf’s up, ride the wave as long as it will allow gravity to be your friend. Usually this time of the year finds me picking on somebody, but heck even the weathermen have been hitting the weather on the head these days.  You’ve got to love the fact that the resorts have all this snow and it isn’t even winter yet. Remember that begins on December 21.  Come to think of it, there has actually been more snowfall for some resorts already this year, then they get the entire winter sometimes. Go figure!

We sign off this week’s rambling by saying Merry Christmas everyone (I have never been known to be completely politically correct) and go make some turns somewhere, anywhere, just get out there and have some fun! Always remember though, whether it be cold or whether it be hot, we’ll weather the weather, whatever the weather will be.  Think about it!  See you on the slopes!

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