August 23rd, 2022 Morning Fog Update

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I’ve really enjoyed flying the drone on these foggy mornings. The older drones I’ve had took a bit of time to get prepped to fly, etc. The new DJI Mavic 3 is out of the box and in the air in less than 1:30 seconds and really provides some amazing views.

This morning’s video is a bit less than 5 minutes but I think worth hanging around and watching the entire thing as I launched it from my driveway in Sleepy Hollow and it wasn’t until I got it up to around 200′ before it cleared the fog bank and revealed the mountain tops. I went up to the max it allows me (around 396′) and that’s when Grandfather Mountain and Seven Devils came into view. I did a quick 360° and brought it back down as I have a very busy day ahead.

Today marks DAY 17 of 23 mornings with fog and this morning’s fog bank is a thick one! Let’s hope these all turn into SNOW this winter!


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