Are We ENDING a Season or Beginning a NEW One?!?

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Some of our ski resorts are making things look like they are trying to BEGIN a new ski season instead of ending one. In a small sense they ARE going into a new called Spring (Vernal Equinox), which begins in three days.  However, Appalachian and Cataloochee are making things look like they are just getting started on a new season with continues snowmaking!  We watched as Appalachian made snow all day yesterday! They began making snow in the early hours of Saturday morning and continued around the clock! Here’s a shot of the snowmaking cloud as of 4:40PM Saturday! >>>

Appalachian – 19° – These guys are 100% open, have the best snow quality in the state right now AND are making snow as if they were opening for the season, not closing one down in a couple of weeks. App has all 10 trails operating as well as both super terrain parks and ice skating.

Cataloochee – 19° – Made snow overnight and they are Skiing and riding for day skiing only today on 7 of 12 trails with Groomed conditions. Don’t forget that Cat is closed on Mondays, but will be operating Tuesday. Tammy Brown wrote, “Come join us for some recreational racing here at Cataloochee today, these races are open to any age and any level and will be held from 1pm until 3pm. Cost is $3 per run, or $5 for two runs. Awards and results will be held at 4pm in the lodge.”

Sugar Mountain – 12° – They are the only NC Resort open that did not make snow the last couple of nights, but the word is that they didn’t simply because they are in good shape to make it to their April 1st – hopeful closing date. They have the most terrain open in the state and little in the way of thin coverage. They pushed snow around and are starting the day with no bare spots as well.

Sunday will be a stellar day to ride at the three open ski areas of North Carolina. If you are reading this within driving distance of one of the three ski resorts that are open we’d highly recommend hitting it. The forecast is for gorgeous blue skies and highs around 39° and lows near 24°. Normals for this day are 53 and 30, so as you can see things are well below normal for this time of year.

There’s a chance for some light rain Monday through Wednesday with highs getting slightly above normal. So get out and enjoy what could possibly be the rest conditions for the rest of the season – today!


We’ve been terrible about polling you guys this season! We posted a poll early on asking about what kind of snow season you thought we’d have and we left it up all season and surely that influenced a lot of mid and end of season votes to say that it would not be a great one! Since we reported and wrote a lot about grooming this season – that we’d poll you guys as to which resort you feel does THE BEST job of grooming some sweet corduroy!  We all know that some resorts do a fabulous job and others appear to just get it done.  We want to know what YOUR thoughts are as to the best of the best. We don’t have room to include all (18) of the ski areas that we cover, so we picked ten for you guys to vote on.  The poll can be found on the front page of the site!

Go Ski and Ride!

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