April 16th Snow – for the Second Weekend in a Row!

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For the second weekend in a row, and well into April (now April 16th) we received up to 4” of snow in the High Country! You know things are a bit out whack weather-wise when you get up to 14” of snow over a two week period in April and yet ski areas around the region had to struggle at times during this past winter to see natural snow.

The talk this morning over at the Foscoe Country Corner was how strong the winds were. We heard of gusts that exceeded 70 mph around the region and I can personally attest to gusts over 45 mph at Beech and Hawksnest (recorded on the stations there). My home sits on the side of a mountain that faces a valley that serves as a chute for winds that come off of Grandfather Mountain and I don’t know what kind of wind gusts we had last night, but I can tell you that we’ve witnessed some very heavy winds over our ten years there…and last night’s were rather scary at times.

On numerous occasions last night we heard the scary sounds of trees cracking and the “w-h-u-m-p” that followed shortly thereafter. Thankfully none found their mark on any of our neighboring homes, but from the news this morning some were not so fortunate. Power outages were widespread overnight as well…so this was one major storm. This has been a crazy April thus far. At the beginning of the month we saw temperatures that had many of us cleaning up our boats, golf equipment and more…and here we are playing in snow for the last two weekends!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m ready for a little global warming! Here’s to a wonderfully warmer than normal Spring and Summer for those of us who are ready to hit Watauga Lake and the area’s many whitewater streams! We’re still adding content, but be sure to check out www.HighCountryOutdoors.com for some summer activities, featured photos and more.

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