App’s Making Snow, Sugar is OPEN and Snowshoe gets 4″ of Snow!

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Temps are all over the place this morning after anywhere from a dusting to 4" of snow fell across the Mid Atlantic and Southeast ski areas. (Quick note: Due to the extensive data being shared here today, we are providing this one update on both and instead of our normal segregated format to save time!)

So far Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia has reported the most snow. They have seen 4" in the last 24 hours. It’s 14° this morning at Snowshoe…and snowing. They have now seen 8" of snow on the season. They should be in awesome shape for their November 21st opening day.

It is 15° with wind chills at minus 3° right now (8am) at Ski Beech! They received a dusting to maybe 1/2" of snow overnight and skies are clear now.


Appalachian has fired their snowmaking arsenal. It is currently 21° and the guns are blasting their hill. They had marked today as their opening day. and there’s been quite a lot of talk that because they can now crank out enough to open within two days…that they might open Saturday. However, we spoke with THE MAN himself, Brad Moretz and Brad said, "We made some good progress making snow last night and we’ree expecting to be able to make snow today and tonight but we’re thinking that we will need one more cold spell (to make snow again) before we open."

He DID say once that they "could change their mind" and open sooner, but then backed off that and repeated that they would probably aim more towards the traditional Thanksgiving Weekend opening if the weather permits.

We have heard from Cataloochee yet, but we know they are making snow and as of the last time we spoke, they were planning to re-open tomorrow – Saturday.

The only ski area OPEN in the Southeast and Mid Atlantic right now is Sugar Mountain. It is 15° atop their mountain and they are reporting a 6-20" base with 2 slopes open to their 3/4 station for day skiing today.


That is the primary subject on most minds this morning. I told Appalachian’s General Manager, Brad Moretz this morning that we had 53 emails specifically asking whether or not App would open tomorrow and there were tons more asking what resorts would open for Thanksgiving and when all would be able to make snow. THAT is the Million Dollar question and we’ll keep you informed…with an eye on the forecast.


We have been blessed with a great "team" of meteorologist from all across the region from Jim Cantore and Paul Goodloe of the Weather Channel, to Mike Stinneford in Washington DC, to an impressive list of weather experts across the Carolinas that includes Brad Panovich, Eric Thomas, Marcus Lynch, Jeff Crum and many others. I mentioned these guys because they tend to contact us the most. We are thankful for ALL of your input guys! You can really tell the snow lovers out there amongst our weather people! Hey, we need a meteorologoist BABE! We’ve yet to have a snow loving, lady forecaster. Hmmmm…maybe it’s me.

Anyway, we’d like to welcome yet another meteorologist to our "team". Matthew East of News 14 Carolina, in Charlotte will now be adding his expert opinions and discussions every few days during this upcoming season.

Matthew, who is based in Charlotte contacted us recently about giving us an assist with the weather. Matthew will be providing his talents and insight into what we can expect from Mother Nature about every 4-5 days during the season. We’re hoping to get some video updates from him and Meteorologist Brad Panovich throughout the season as well. We’re so fortunate to have so many snow loving weather dudes to offer up expert analysis for our readers. Thanks again guys! As far as I can tell we are THE ONLY resource that promotes skiing in the region with this kind of weather talent contributing regularly. That is too cool!

Be sure to check out the weather updates in the middle column as we’ll update it regularlyu.

It should be cold Saturday and Sunday – cold enough to make snow across Western North Carolina and into the northern portions of the Southeast and Mid Atlantic ski regions. Snowmaking crews are eyeing Friday, Friday night, and then maybe Saturday night to be able to make snow in North Carolina.

The snowmaking crews up around Snowshoe, Timberline and Canaan Valley should have opportunities to make snow today, tonight, and then Sunday and Monday nights before warming a bit during the middle of next week.

See you on the slopes!

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