Appalachian’s Terrain Park Number One in the Region!?! Readers say, YES.

First Trax

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I mentioned a couple of times this week that we were over at Appalachian Ski Mountain last Friday night. I did some video and had a first hand look at the new Terrain Park Live Streaming Cam that Brad Moretz was toying with. New Marketing Director, Drew Stanley had sent me some nice pics and information about the newest mutation of their terrain park offerings prior to the season. Once everything is open at Appalachian we’ll get you some action shots of all of the features that they have added and implemented.

According to Stanley, “I think all the hard work is going to pay off for everyone! Looking specifically at our Terrain Park operations, this year is simply going to go off. We have had our park crew here for a few weeks now, welding rails, grinding, wirebrushing, painting, stenciling, boarding up, etc… getting every feature dialed in to perfection. Shout out to Foster, Tyler, Grayson, and Tyler W for getting the rails prime!”

When I was speaking with Brad Moretz on Friday evening, he dittoed Stanley’s assessment by saying, “Mike, we’ve had our terrain park staff here and in place since back in late Summer. Really, most of them were here in August!”

Stanley adds, “As most of people know, we have added a new park this summer, which will double our skiable park terrain, and have added several new features to the arsenal as well. App Terrain Park will have over 20 rails/boxes for your riding enjoyment, ranging from new flat rails and boxes which will be a couple inches off the snow, to our new 16 step stairset, which will feature a 20 ft. handrail on one side, and a 30 ft. flat to down kink box on the other. Gotta give a shot out to Board Paradise for all their support with our new features, they really have gone above and beyond the call of duty to make something fun for everyone to ride.”

Stanley was especially excited about the new designs for this season. He stated, “I am really stoked on our rail graphics this year. This past season, we featured custom graffiti style artwork on several of the larger features, with an orange background. This year, we realized that it was not feasible to paint over 40 pieces of art on each of the features, so we had our graphic designer approach the rails with more of a design train of thought, making a few stencils we could use to create a consistent, aesthetic appearance and image. All of the rails are going to be custom numbered, and this is going to translate to our new website.”

Moretz mentioned that Friday as well. He said, “I know you like our new website, but wait til you see the new terrain park website. I am not exaggerating when I say that it will be the most comprehensive snow sport website that I’ve seen. Really!”

(It was apparent that Drew’s youthful exuberance is contagious!)

Stanley reports that visitors to the new terrain park site will be able to see 3d renderings/pictures/video of the very same feature. Props to Chris Reynolds and Mike Hodges for their concept and design.

Stay tuned for information regarding tons of new things, most notably our new “Shred for the Cup” contest series, which will run all winter long for skiers and snowboarders of all ages and abilities! But that’s a whole other story!

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