Appalachian’s Shred for the Cup Series

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Drew Stanley wrote to us and we wanted to share the results and standings of the “Shred for the Cup” comp that took place last week. If you were not there, you missed a huge event! App’s next event is the Forum Youngblood that will be held on February 24th!

Here’ Drew’s report:

APPALACHIAN SKI MOUNTAIN – FEBRUARY 4, 2007 – Winter is finally here in full force, and our third event of the "Shred for the Cup" series was a huge success with a turnout of around 100 competitors. The park crew was super busy at work the past few days getting the course setup ready, as we had to change the location of the event from Appaljack to Appal Jam due to the weather and other factors. The setup consisted of your choice of a Flat Box, Flat Handrail, Stairset, or Double Kink rail, into the tabletop which had a large and small takeoff, into a C-Box, into a Flat Box, into the DVS picnic table. So riders were judged on runs consisting of a line of 5 features, more than ever before. Registration went down in the Lodge until 10, and everyone made their way to the park to get some warm up runs in shortly after. Around 11, we kicked the competition off starting with Mens Beginner Snowboard, followed by Mens Beginner and Intermediate Ski, followed by Womens Ski and Snowboard, into Mens Intermediate Snowboard. It was amazing to see some of the talent in all divisions, everyone was on their game, just feeling the vibe, having fun and dialing their runs in. Each rider had 2 runs through the course, with their best run counting as their final score, so Competitors were going all out on both runs, putting together some amazing combinations. Men’s Advanced Ski and Snowboard were the last two divisions to ride, so there was a 15 minute warm up session for Competitors to get their legs under them before their 2 judged runs. David Schoepfle from Beech Mtn. ended up taking 1st for the Snowboarders with spins on and off almost every box, and stomped spins on the big booter. Charlie "The Machine" Wilcox took 1st for the Advanced Skiers with tech spins/switch ups on all the boxes, and a switch rodeo 5…you know, the usual. The competition wrapped up around 3:00, and all the riders came in to warm up, grab some food with their lunch vouchers, and made way to the Snowcloud Room for the Awards Ceremony. The top 3 winners in all divisions got hooked up with tons of great prizes from all of our sponsors, and everyone who competed in the slopestyle recieved a prize after! Congratulations to Matt Wimberley, who was the winner of 2 5 Day Lift Passes at Vail Resorts. A big thanks goes out to all of our sponsors who helped put this event on, BoardParadise, Red Bull, Salomon, Burton, Vail, Skullcandy, DVS, Matix, Spy, Dakine, High Society, and Atomic. Also, don’t forget about our next event, the Forum Youngblood coming up Feb 24…we have some big plans in the works already for it.

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PHOTOS THAT WERE SUBMITTED and you can also CLICK HERE TO VISIT APP’S GALLERY for a huge gallery of photos on App’s website.

Final Results:

Place Competitor’s Name Points
1 David Schoepfle 300
2 Luke Sutton 280
3 Chase Weaver 260
4 Zach Stein 240
5 Evan Felton 220
6 Tyler Wilcox 200
7 Max Tarlton 180
8 Dominic Sansotta 160
9 Richard Bowen 140
10 Kris Jones 120
11 Zane Yates 100
12 Chad Hohn 100
13 Marky Bondurant 100
14 Burgess Bell 100
15 Jacob Sutton 100

Place Competitor’s Name Points
1 Charlie Wilcox 300
2 Josh Pepper 280
3 Ross Rowan 260
4 Charlie Owens 240
5 Danny Wilcox 220
6 Rivers Mueller 200
7 David Wilson 180
8 Joseph Toney 160
9 Joey Green 140
10 Charlie Jonas 120
10 Ben Beason 120
11 Ronnie Palmer 100
12 Grayson Gordon 100
13 Erich Purpur 100
14 Will Huffman 100

Place Competitor’s Name Points
1 Tanner Sinclair 300
2 Ryan Turner 280
3 Josh Reitze 260
4 Avery Nelson 240
5 Nate Webster 220
6 Seth Smalling 200
7 Graham Hauss 180
8 Kiever Hunter 160
9 Ty Meyerhoff 140

Place Competitor’s Name Points
1 Parker Bohon 300
2 Andrew Sanchez 280
3 Austin Holbrook 260
4 Matt Wimberley 240
5 Lennon Redford 220
6 Jorge Diaz 200
7 Dan Margolis 180
8 Ed Carley 160
9 Thomas Wilson 140
10 Chris Pruett 120
11 Nate Bishop 100
12 Ben Pierson 100
13 Dan Marino 100
14 Anthony Wisp 100
15 Darren Everhart 100
16 Charlie Compton 100
17 Bobby Sabour 100
18 Clay Wilson 100

Place Competitor’s Name Points
1 Macy Bell 300
2 Dakota Barnes 280
3 Austin Leonard 260
4 Justin Stevens 240
5 Addison Bell 220
6 Michael Middleton 200
7 Alan Barnhardt 180
8 Sean O’Loughlin 160
9 Matt Hayes 140
10 Nathan Marley 120
11 Tedd Clevenger 100
12 Robin Kelley 100
13 Brian Miller 100
14 Harrison Bell 100
15 Jesse Taylor 100
16 Austin Baggarley 100
17 Joe Pulido 100
18 Wesley Robinson 100
19 John Webber 100
20 Austin Hamilton 100

Place Competitor’s Name Points
1 Christi Nassar 300
2 Erika German 280
3 Elisabeth O’Loughlin 260
4 Anna Fisher 240
5 Kelsey McDermott 220
6 Mary Kate Huffman 200
7 Jessika Kopittla 180

Place Competitor’s Name Points
1 Mercedes Green 300

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