Appalachian and Cataloochee Make Snow – Mother Nature Does As Well!

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If you took our advice from earlier in the week and kept your reservations or plans to ski in North Carolina this weekend, then you’re one lucky leprechaun today! Up to one inch of snow has been reported atop Sugar Mountain and it’s still snowing as of this 8am report. Additional accumulation could fall even though the forecasters are all saying that we shouldn’t expect much more than a dusting to 1” on Saturday. As of 8:23am we’re getting some rather moderate snow!

But HEY, it’s snow and on top of that it’s cold as heck! Appalachian is reporting 18° this morning, Cataloochee Ski Area is showing about the same and Sugar and Beech Mountains are both bottoming out at 13°! The highs today are not expected to get higher than about freezing. Yes the winds may be an issue from time to time but we can’t gripe and that’s what face protection and goggles are for. We’re getting snow and both Appalachian and Cataloochee Ski Areas made snow last night and still are as of this writing! That is a sure sign to the fact that they plan on skiing on until April 1st!

Some people have emailed us asking why Sugar didn’t make snow. We kind of thought that they might have, but the truth is they have plenty of snow and are in really nice shape here on March 17th. With Mother Nature doing the honors they may just be maximizing their profits and there’s nothing wrong with that concept, because THAT, my friends, is what allows a resort to spend money in the off-season to upgrade, add snowmaking, etc.

<App Making Snow! The fact that Appalachian and Cataloochee ARE making snow doesn’t mean that they didn’t have as much base either – so don’t get the wrong impression there because both are running with an average of over two feet of base across their trails. The additional snowmaking will simply guarantee better snow conditions for their guests for the next few days.

Appalachian Ski Mountain is the only ski area in the state that is 100% open and you can expect conditions on Saturday and Sunday that will have you thinking that it’s mid February and not St. Patrick’s Day and THAT is a fact!

We also received several emails asking us why Ski Beech didn’t reopen with the natural snow, etc. Some on the messageboard even speculated that Beech was pushing some snow around yesterday evening. Beech was not pushing snow around and they wouldn’t reopen a day after closing simply because they’d have to reconnect with employees such that they’d have enough staff to run the place. What makes one resort look ahead and continue to make snow and excel to the point that they can remain open and still make it make fiscal sense – and yet another not do so? That is the question that a lot of people asked this morning. Maybe that’s a subject for another day.

Others asked us over the last 24 hours as to WHY some resorts seem to get more traffic than others – enough to warrant staying open. Without elaborating, THAT is probably THE ANSWER to your first question. Regardless, you guys who emailed us those questions should just look at the glass as half FULL and go ski the open resorts. App, Cat and Sugar are rewarding us with additional skiing! Go ride it!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Send us your photos and videos from today and be sure to check back later on Saturday as we have a lot of photo submissions to post. You guys have been skiing SOMEWHERE. Check back to see just where!

SPEAKING OF GOOD LUCK – Jake Parrish, may the luck of the Irish be with you young man! Jake is one of our SkiNC sponsored skiers. He is leaving on Thursday, March 22nd for Colorado to compete in some national races. He’s a great young skier and always writes in. Let’s all get behind him mentally and perhaps give him some good “mojo” for some nice results out west!


Appalachian – 18° – In addition to receiving a dusting of snow, they have made snow all night and are still making snow as of this 8am update. They are 100% open with both terrain parks and ice skating is open for day and night skiing. Don’t forget that App has their last Shred for the Cup Rail Jam of the season ongoing today!

Cataloochee – 24° – Dusting of snow and 7 of 12 trails are open for Day Skiing Only today.

Sugar Mountain – 13° – 1” of snow is being reported. They have 17 trails open for day and night skiing and you’ll also want to note that they have their SPYDER SAMPLE SALE is under way! Don’t miss 30% off 2008 Spyder sample items, 50% off 2007 Spyder sample items and 60% off any left over 2006 Spyder Samples items. Plus, 20% off other brand name apparel like Burton, Nils and Obermeyer.

Sugar is also offering MARCH MADNESS- with up to 25% savings on lift tickets, rental equipment, and lessons. (Some restrictions apply.)

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