Another Great Day to Ski in North Carolina!

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What’s the world coming to? We’re getting more visitors than ever before and we posted our first ever “report card” on the resort’s quality of reporting and nobody responded!?!  We MUST be doing something right or everyone pretty much agrees with our grading! Thanks for that vote of confidence! Not one dissenter. Cool.

Another strange but wonderful phenomenon – After a beautiful day on Sunday, some additional snowmaking, etc… Sugar Mountain recorded no increase in base. With the mild temps late in the afternoon, skier traffic and yet some snowmaking that is what you’d expect.  Great job Sugar. Hawksnest, Cataloochee and Ski Beech all increased base depth totals. It was a little odd to see Beech increase because they didn’t decrease any during last week’s mild period. We will probably receive a few emails asking about why we didn’t mention Wolf Laurel …so we just did. Wolf hasn’t budged up or down this year. (16 days and no change.)

All of the resorts should be in primo shape today with a good bit of snowmaking, some natural snow and grooming.  Expect VERY NICE conditions all across the state.

We’ll probably get an email or two (maybe not the way yesterday went!) about our reference of 20+ inches of base at Sapphire Valley.  They went from reporting 8-22” of base on Saturday and Sunday to reporting a base of 20-60” of base today. We don’t know who is at the wheel down there, but that can’t be.  Either one was way off or today’s is.  We think today’s is because we saw photos from down there last week and it looked like a lot of 8” base…and less. We’ll try to get the story from down there.

There was a LOT of snow in places around the High Country –

While much of the Western North Carolina mountains only received a TRACE of snow, the majority of the locations around the ski areas picked up an inch or two (in some case up to 4”).  The National Weather Service released its snowmap and there was one strip along the Tennessee line which received 6”. Here in the Banner Elk area, we saw 2-3” and there were many areas where it appeared that only an inch fell (due to the winds) and then other little pockets where there were 4-6”.

We were up at Banner Elk yesterday, over towards the police station and we enjoyed playing on a ridge where more than a foot of snow accumulated. There are a few places around the mountains where if you know where to look, you’ll always get that wind-blown, additional snow!  We had a blast sledding, some snowboarded and others of us did a little horseback riding in the snow. Sunday was indeed a beautiful day to play.

Monday should be just as nice…with mild temps and great snow at YOUR favorite ski area.

We were the first “Official” Anything Website for the North Carolina Ski Areas –

One of our members of the messageboard, Ski11 from Anderson, SC mentioned another website ( that “covers” the North Carolina ski areas. That triggered a few messageboard responses and more than 50 emails this morning.  Okay you guys DID at least email us about that! One of the board members, “ParisandDrewsDaddy” who is a regular on the board, incorrectly mentioned that the goskinc website had been around much longer than SkiNC. Not so.  Actually has been around MUCH longer than ANY ski web presence promoting all of the ski areas. The GoSkiNC site, which only provides some very generic information and then promotes the sale of their Gold Cards was setup in July of 2000 and made its debut later than that. actually made its debut even before the October 1997 date that we bought and switched all of out web content to that domain name. Only our diehard visitors will know or remember that we actually debuted our first ski website that promoted all of our ski areas in September of 1996 on another (terrible) domain name of

The North Carolina Ski Areas Association which is made up of all the ski resort’s owners and managers has actually attempted to knock SkiNC off the top of the hill with a couple of other websites that came before the website.  There used to be a and a couple of others.  For the record, we now own, after they let it go. (More accurately, only two of the seven (then eight) ski area managers attempted to displant

Over the years we have actually had or grown the support of six of the now seven resorts, at one point seven of the eight (when Scaly was in operation) and currently have full support from five of the seven. While all seven of the resorts recognize the scope and popularity of SkiNC, not all recognize the power of the internet. has actually grown beyond our coverage of NC resorts to cover eighteen ski areas across the Southeast. All of those ski areas are fully supporting expect for the same two dissenters in North Carolina. That is actually THE REASON why was formed. We could go on, but that would be counter-productive. I’m sure that this won’t totally satisfy all the emailed questions relating to those that we received this morning, but that will have to do. Thanks for all of the emails and the few messageboard entries proclaiming us as Number One.  Our traffic and your support is all the support we need!

Until Next Time!

Be sure to check out for more news and stories for all of the Southeast’s ski areas.

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