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Well, doing the snow report this morning was pretty depressing.  I had to mark off a number resorts as closed.  I always hate having to use the phrase “Closed for the Season”.  Unfortunately, that’s what had to be done this morning as many resorts in the region closed up shop for the 2014/2015 season.  Conditions looked rather fantastic for a closing weekend.  For instance, here are some shots from up at Wintergreen Resort in Virginia.  They still had a lot of snow!

And we all know that pond skimming is a tradition at just about every ski resort when it comes to the final day of the season.  Winterplace help their Pond Skim Championships yesterday afernoon.  Here’s some pictures they posted on their Facebook page.

Beech Mountain also called it quits this weekend.  I just put together a timelapse of the entire season out there.  Check it out below.

EDIT: Here’s a better timelapse without night shots.

It really was a great final weekend for many resorts.  The weather cooperated for the most part and made for some fun spring conditions.  I made it out to Appalachian Ski Mountain on Saturday and was riding in a t-shirt by midday.  Sunshine, slushy snow, and temperatures near 60 degrees made for a fun afternoon.  I will say that it hurts when you fall in slushy snow when wearing a t-shirt.  I have some gnarly snow burns on my arm and back.  Worth it though.

Here's a shot from my final run at App on Saturday.  Might be my last of the season!
Here’s a shot from my final run at App on Saturday. Might be my last of the season!

So we have five ski areas still open for business in the Southeast this week.  Appalachian Ski Mountain, Sugar Mountain, The Homestead, Bryce Resort, and Snowshoe Mountain are all skiing and snowboarding this week.  Winterplace might re-join them on Saturday, so we could possibly have six resorts open for business this weekend.  All of those resorts remain in good shape as well.  There’s still plenty of snow and open terrain to be had.  Here’s a shot from the Snowshoe Shaver’s Centre cam just now.

Like I said, plenty of snow still!
Like I said, plenty of snow still!

The week ahead looks kind of damp unfortunately.  Scattered light showers throughout the week are not what we want, but it looks like those are the cards we’ll be dealt.  Funny thing…this weekend will be the final for 3 of the 5 remaining open resorts and it looks to be pretty cold.  As in below freezing lows at night.  There’s even a chance of light snow showers/flurries on Friday and Saturday at some of the resorts.  Spring is crazy here in the Southeast.

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