An Easter Ski Trip to Remember!

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Church Group Expresses THANKS to Snowshoe, God, the Volunteer Fire Department, the Tour Bus Company…and to SkiSoutheast! These were some thankful people…read on!

"We used your web site to plan our trip up to Sugar Mountain last year. It sure was a big help. This year our family couldn’t return, but fortunately our church youth group went to Snowshoe this past week. What a great place to ski. With our trip on the bus taking 21 hours we had only one complaint. With Silver Creek closed for the season, there is no night skiing available. What a bummer.

We were there for only 3 days of skiing and the 2nd day it rained heavy all day. The slopes were closed at 3:00 due to a couple of lightning strikes in the distance. They stopped all the lifts and some of the kids had to walk up the slopes to return (not knowing transportation would be sent) to the Mountain Lodge where we stayed. Being from South Florida, I guess we are used to more severe thunderstorms. It was just that It took them so long to shuttle the remainder of skiers from the Boathouse to the top of the mountain. Everyone was soaking wet by this time. All the kids took it in stride and displayed great patience and was thankful for the opportunity to be there.

The good news is that with so much snow on the slopes all the trails remained open for skiing our last day. All in All, we had a GREAT time. As we loaded on the bus to return home it began to SNOW… our prayers had been answered. We really wanted to see it fall from heaven. Just not as early as we had hoped.

As we went down the Mountain on Friday morning, our bus brakes caught on fire! It caused two inside tires to blow and catch fire. Thanks goes out the guys of the Volunteer Fire Department who came. Fortunately we were able to extinguish it before they arrived. They did contact Snowshoe who graciously sent shuttle buses down the mountain to pick up us and our kids with all our luggage. Mountain Lodge was kind enough to allow us to hang out in the lobby until our tour bus company could hire another bus company to take us to South Carolina to transfer to another one of their buses.

Two separate Major accidents, one in West Virginia on Highway 77 and one near Daytona on I-95 caused us not to return home until 7:30 Saturday night.

I just want to thank everyone who the LORD brought into our lives to help us safety return home. We are now leaving to go to church to celebrate the Lords resurrection. This day we have many things to be thankful for. Thank You SO Much (for the information you provide and for the ability to post this THANK YOU.)

Note: We regret that we do not know the NAME of the sended since she sent it by email. A portion of the email address was "Jean".

Trips of any kind can go screwy at times and ski trips are NO exception! If YOU have an interesting trip that you’d like to share with us…drop us an email!

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