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We have a very busy day planned for today, so if you are interested in the slope openings, morning lows and other details at each of the resorts, we’ll direct your attention to the SLOPE CONDITIONS page this morning. Simply click the resort link of your choice from the front of the site and when that resort’s featured page opens, you can see the morning’s low, how much snow they’ve received overnight, the conditions and even how much seasonal snowfall they’ve seen to date.

The title of today’s update alludes to the fact that resorts from Massanutten north have seen some snow already overnight, whereas resorts south are seeing cloudy skies and drizzle. Resorts into West Virginia and Maryland are looking for 3-7” of snow this evening and more into Wednesday. Resorts in Virginia are looking at a mix of snow and sleet. Resorts into Tennessee and North Carolina are looking at a big question mark! Western NC forecasters are saying that today should be rainy (mostly PM) then a chance of snow on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday…though nothing as significant as resorts further north should get.

So far here’s the snowfall’s being reported as of 8am:

Massanutten in Virginia is showing 26° has gotten a TRACE of snow overnight.
The Homestead is reporting a TRACE of snow.

Wintergreen is at 26° this morning and they are only expecting a high of 28° and a low tonight of 17° and a mix of snow and sleet. They are actually 2° colder this morning than they were 24 hours ago!

Canaan Valley is reporting 28° and 1” of new snow. (We received a query about Canaan receiving 8” of snow. That report is incorrect and appears to be coming from the SSAA.)

Snowshoe Mountain is at 30° and they have received 2” of snow overnight. Lindsay Kutsko wrote, “Two More inches fell last night bringing the Snowfall to date total to 78inches this year Today we expect a wintery mix to start turning to Heavy Snow on Wednesday. All 57 trails are open and most were groomed except for Knot Bumper, Knot Bumper Glades, Choker and Lower Shays.”

Timberline Resort is at 30° and they too have reported an inch of snow. The NWS is forecasting for 3-7” of snow today!

The cold spot in the Southeast and Mid Atlantic is up at Wisp at Deep Creel Resort in Garrett County, Maryland. They are showing 15° and 1” of snow thus far and much more in the forecast.


If you’ve been keeping up with our daily reports, you’ve no doubt read some of the fun we’re having with Mike Stinneford of Washington D.C. because of his talk about a “March Mild-up”. Mike is still calling for more normal temperatures for the rest of February (after the coming weekend) and into March. That’s okay, we’ll “accept” normal temps.

We really enjoyed Mike’s latest email to us and had to share it with you guys. He wrote, “As I opened the door to get the Washington Post this morning, I felt like I was being watched. Even though I live on the 22nd floor of a condo, I could’ve sworn I saw a small rodent. As I looked closer, I saw a ghostly image of a groundhog, who muttered “You’re next!” before vanishing.

Breaking into a cold sweat, I opened the metro section of the Post to see if any rabid rodents had been reported. Alas, no such comforting news to be found in the local paper.

With trepidation, I logged onto my computer, and saw the reason for my anxiety. I’m hoping that your readership is off skiing and not on the internet today!

I’m now barricaded in my condo, watching the interstate from my secure balcony, and ducking every time I see a North Carolina license plate!


P.S. I’m thinking the last of the really cold weather ends early next week, with a return to more normal temps for the rest of February. I’d give you a March forecast, but I’m afraid I won’t be around to see it!

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