A Springlike Weekend Ahead With Some Sprinkles and Plenty of Snow and Sun!

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I knew as soon as I delved into the subject of “Global Warming” we’d get some feedback and we share those with you this morning. However, first – let’s get to some ski and snow news.

We’re going to jump around a little this morning so buckle your seat belts as there may be a few sharp turns!

Sugar Mountain is ending their season on Sunday, March 25th. That is the decision that was announced yesterday. That decision was no doubt based on skier traffic and not a lack of snow because we’ve seen Sugar stay open with a lot less snow. One look at the live cams will attest to the fact that Sugar has very nice Spring Conditions on 15 trails for today, Saturday and Sunday. There are certainly some thin coverage areas, but very good, side to side coverage. Sugar’s low this morning is 46° and they will enjoy some good Spring Conditions for their last weekend. They also have some festivities planned. They wrote, “Join us Sunday for closing day festivities and the BURNING OF THE SNOW!”

That leaves Appalachian and Cataloochee to ski and ride on through April 1st in the state of North Carolina. Both have plenty of snow. (Remember App made snow for more than 40 hours this past weekend and looked in mid-season form this past Monday.

Appalachian Ski Mountain is still looking quite nice for today and this weekend. They are the only ski area in the entire Southeast or Mid Atlantic that is still open with 100% of their terrain. They are probably also the only resort that has no bare spots or thin coverage to speak of. The low this morning at App was 53° and they are open for day and night skiing with the best snow in the region right now.

Cataloochee is reporting 36° this morning and that is no typo. They have dropped another trail since yesterday and now offer Lower Omigosh, Rock Island Run, Rabbit Hill, Easy Way, Beginners Over Easy and the Cat Cage Terrain Park. They have plenty of snow to provide a nice product for Spring Skiing and Snowboarding. Cat wants you to join them for some recreational racing at Cataloochee. These races are open to any age and any level and will be held on Sunday, March 25 and Sunday, April 1, from 1pm until 3pm. Cost is $3 per run, or $5 for two runs. Awards and Results will be held after the races in the lodge each Sunday afternoon. Cat is open today from 1pm-10pm and then for day and night skiing on Saturday.

Wintergreen Resort will end their season this Sunday as well. They are skiing with some thin coverage and few bare spots this morning and for the weekend. They are offering 22 trails for today and Sarah Lovejoy wrote, “There is still plenty of snow so come make turns or take a tube ride down the Plunge. And for those brave daredevils, see if you can make it across the water in our Pond Skimming competition during Sunday’s Slide and Splash Bash.”

Canaan Valley in West Virginia is also ending their season this Sunday. Until then they are offering pretty good Spring Conditions on 25 trails. They are hosting some festivities of their own with a Snow Blast Weekend!

Snowshoe Mountain is showing 48° and Lindsay Kutsko is reporting Spring Conditions and some thin coverage and bare spots. She wrote, “It’s spring skiing and riding out there this weekend and the weather is always unpredictable but it looks as though you’ll be able to ride around in your shorts for our Mountaintop Beach Party!” They are offering 38 trails for today!

Timberline Resort is looking pretty nice with 32-36 trails open (we’re getting some mixed signals – sorry) but that’s plenty of terrain to enjoy. They too have some thin coverage and bare spots, but very nice for this time of year!

Wisp at Deep Creek Resort looks to be skiing and riding through April 1st. They have very nice Spring Conditions with little in the way of thin coverage (but there is some) and they have 25 trails available for today!


We’ve got some updates to run so check back in just a bit this morning for some readers comments pertaining to our story of Thursday titled, “Global Warming – Bah Humbug”.

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