A Picture Perfect Day of Skiing For Today Across NC Ski Resorts!

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We’re working on some additional news stories today and we’ll post more soon, however for now, if you’re looking for the details pertaining to slope conditions and openings, simply visit the Slope Conditions page.

The quick summary of conditions across the region is that all of the ski areas are looking pretty nice as we prepare to enter the last 20-32 days of the season. For the second day in a row Ski Beech and Sugar Mountain were to lone ski areas in the state of North Carolina to make snow. We watched as Beech and Hawksnest were doing there grooming runs and we can tell you that there’s some very nice conditions to be ski and ride on today! All of our ski resorts are in very nice shape on this gorgeous Tuesday.

We mentioned this yesterday but since we continue to get emails about it, it bears mentioning again. Ski Beech is aware that their ski report, front page news and featured photo functionality is dead in the water. They appear to be working on it as this morning the ski conditions page has a ton of code displaying on the pages instead of the report, etc. For the last few days that link just took you right back to the front page. For the record, we did design their website, however we do not host it and therefore we are not responsible for the errors that you guys are writing to us about. Thanks though for attempting to give us a “heads up”. If you are looking for their ski report, you can certainly find that on our Slope Conditions page.

Tubing Is The First to Close…but Not Just Yet!

Snow tubing has become a very popular snow sport in its own right. It offers the same thrills that we all enjoyed in our youth; the thrill of sliding down a snowy bank with the snow flying underneath you and the wind in your face! The cool thing about our snow tubing parks are that they offer that same experience without the need to turn around and climb back up – huffing and puffing all the way. The tubing areas all offer a free ride back UP the hill, so you can enjoy ride after ride (typically for 2 hours sessions).

We’ve had some people email us about the plans for snow tubing park openings (or closings). Our ski areas are first and foremost just that – ski areas. While many or most do offer tubing, those hills are usually the first to close up as the season winds down. As of today none of the North Carolina resorts have their tubing lanes running. Sugar looks to reopen for tubing on Wednesday; and Cataloochee and Hawksnest are planning to reopen tubing for Friday. Cataloochee has already announced that this will be their LAST weekend offering snow tubing for the season. Wolf Ridge Resort has already closed up their tubing hill for the season and there’s no word just yet on when the last trips down Hawksnest or Sugar will be…but we’ll keep you posted. However, if you want to do some snow tubing…this weekend would be a best shot at it.

Picture Perfect Weather for today!

Tuesday will offer highs in the 40s to near 52° today and lots of sunshine! (Wear your sunscreen!) Lows tonight should offer more snowmaking if Beech and Sugar decide to do it. Wednesday looks nice as well and a little milder.

If you have plans to ski or ride this weekend – keep them! Don’t let the rain that is coming in on Thursday fool you. According to forecasters – yes it IS going to be a lot of rain. Local weather guru, Ray Russell and Meteorologist Marcus Lynch say that Thursday will deliver the most moisture since prior to Christmas with 1-2” of rain and that will certainly damage the bases. However, there’s a LOT of snow on the slopes and after some early Friday AM grooming, the slopes should be very nice.

The added bonus for those planning a ski trip for this weekend is that SNOW is in the forecast, as well as cold temps for Saturday and Sunday. Accumulations will be light, but that should make for some good, firm conditions across the state.

Mike Stinneford and now the Skiing Weatherman, Herb Stevens are both saying that we’re in for a roller coaster March that may spell early closings for the ski areas of our region. Mike wrote us two weeks prior to President’s Day weekend with his bad news and Herb Stevens just released his latest missive and both seem to be saying that while we could see some cold days and potentially even some snow, most of March will be relatively mild and both reporters stated that it will be mild enough to close up many of our region’s ski areas. That remains to be seen, but we have one important thing to say.

YOU GUYS have as much to say about closing dates as the weather does! That’s right.

Resorts usually close up anywhere from the middle of March to April 1st or so – NOT from a lack of SNOW, but from a lack of skiers and snowboarders. If you want to see your favorite ski area stay open longer, then get to the slopes. We spoke with a few resort managers yesterday and while most hedged their statements regarding staying open through the end of March, they ALL said that they had a TON of snow on their mountains and that they should be fine to make it to their announced closing dates. We’ll be posting those dates within the next days. However, you CAN make a difference! Show up and ski!

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