A Nice Week of Skiing Ahead for NC Ski Areas!

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Hopefully you guys have been noticing many new additions and tweaks to the website. We’ve been debuting new pieces every day or so…kind of like the resorts are opening new terrain with each passing day! We’ve received some nice comments about the new navigation drop downs. We think it makes it easier to get to any page of the site from any page. Meteorologist, Marcus Lynch has been adding his touch each day providing professional input to our weather forecasts! The new video features have been getting some nice reviews and we’ve added many new pages showing better information for cross country skiing, ski and snowboard shops and we’re not finished yet! We’ll be adding more content each of the next few days and we need YOUR help too!

You’ll notice a new “SkiSoutheast Trail Reports” graphic on the front of SkiNC and SkiSoutheast.com. We have many volunteer on-snow reporters who send us reports from resorts around the region. Over the last four seasons we’ve enlisted the support and help of many visitors who have sent us their appraisals of the conditions of the slopes. Many have sent trail reports, photos and videos and these assessments are invaluable in telling those who are planning subsequent trips just what to expect when they hit their favorite resort. Last season we had 171 volunteer reporters and some sent only one or two reports and others sent reports nearly every other day or so. Some sent three or photos for the entire season and some sent thousands. …and EVERY ONE of them served to help us show everyone the conditions all across the region. We placed the new signup graphic on the site on Saturday and we’ve already had several new signups and we look forward to hearing from all of you. …and WE WANT YOU TOO! The more input the better so sign up today! A SPECIAL THANKS to those of you who have been devoted reporters over the last few years. Your dedication to helping to make us THE RESOURCE for skiing in the region is appreciated more than you’ll ever know. If you want to become an important part of our “team” sign up today! Click here to see what’s involved! www.SkiSoutheast.com/onsnow.htm

All of the resorts enjoyed a great weekend of skiing and riding. We were up at App Friday night and Sugar on Saturday and both had good crowds and great conditions. We also received reports from other resorts and we’ll share those with you later this morning.

Here’s a brief summary of what to expect today. Be sure to check out the slope conditions report for more details!

APPALACHIAN – App is reporting a base of 22-36” (yes they are now reporting base depths) and five trails open. They also have their newest “Appal Jam” Terrain Park features open as well as Ice Skating. Appalachian’s new Marketing Director, Drew Stanley has been busy putting his touch on things. Hats off for a good decision by General Manager, Brad Moretz to hire Drew for that position. It’s always nice to add some youthful, new blood to anything related to promotions and Drew Stanley brings that mix to Appalachian Ski Mountain.

CATALOOCHEE – They are closed for Monday and will reopen Tuesday. That’s Cat’s normal early-season operating schedule.

HAWKSNEST – They too are still in their early-season mode. After having a great first weekend of skiing, riding and tubing, they are closed Monday-Thursday and will reopen on Friday. They will make snow at every opportunity to build a great base for next weekend.

SKI BEECH – Monday is Ladies Day…meaning all of you gals can ski and ride for free today! Guys this is a great way to meet some gals with the same love of snow! Plus, it is always a good time to ski before the Christmas Holidays, so take a break from your daily routine, and get out and enjoy the skiing up on Beech. Gil Adams reports, “We plan to add more slopes with our snowmaking as the next cold air arrives, but the runs we have open right now are in good shape.”

SUGAR – Make plans to be at Sugar December 16th and 17th for Sugarfest 06. Free equipment demos, railslide competition, live entertainment, fireworks, giveaways, ice sculpting, lodging specials and more. Sugar has 8 trails and 3 lifts operating today.

You may note that none of the ski areas made snow last night as temps were all over the place. At 8:30am this morning it’s 22° here at our office near the foot of Seven Devils. Yet the temps on top of Seven Devils (home to Hawksnest) is 40°. Sugar is showing 41°, Ski Beech 37°.

It looks like a nice week to be on the slopes. No snowmaking during the day sessions and yet the resorts should be able to make some snow Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights. It will be borderline in some areas…but things should be about normal high-temperature-wise for the next week and some change. Low temps will slightly warmer than normal, and while there will be no melting or diminishing of base depths…there may not be any building going on either…which means that we may be “stuck” with the trail openings that we have right now. The next wave of very cold air is not in the mix until around December 20th. We’ll keep you updated.
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