A Little Wet Early with some Sun Breaks Today


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This morning is a bit on the wet side and showers are expected to dominate the morning hours, as well as some blustery winds.  However, this system is moving rather quick and that should make things clear out quickly as well and we’ll see some sun by noon or so.

It is another mild one.  To get a little colder “feel” to today, let’s look back to last year and beyond.

Last year on this date we saw a colder than normal high of 32° and a low of 17°.  We also received 3” of snow.  Ahhhh, that feels better.

The records for this date in weather history were:

Record high temp = 66° in 1977
Record low temp = minus 9° in 1977
Record snowfall = 6” in 1985

At 7:20am:
Ski Beech is reporting 39°
Sugar is reporting 42°
Appalachian Ski Mtn 41°

A lot of people are already emailing wondering about our story a couple of weeks ago regarding a February return to snow and cold.  We only report the facts, and our weather gurus all inform us that things still look to be coming around…albeit a little slower.  Instead of February 1st like some were saying, it looks like February 5th is a more accurate date.  Right now it appears that more normal and sustained normal temps are in store for us beginning with the 5th, and there is snow in the forecast for the 5th, 6th and 7th as it stands right now. Maybe now we can get around to seeing some normal snowfall and not this darned blustery, wind driven 1-3” that we’ve seen at every turn this season.

Here’s the forecast for the next few days:

Today will be rainy this morning, becoming Partly Cloudy with some isolated thunderstorms and widespread showers.  Nothing to kill the whole day.  It will also be windy and the high temps will be in the low to mid 50s.  Lows will be around 36°

Monday will bring a 50% chance of rain and highs in the upper 40s.  The rain may change over to snow Monday night as temps dip to 27°

Tuesday is looking like an all snow event, but only the 2-3” variety and mostly in along the western slopes kind of thing.  Highs Tuesday will be around 36° and lows Tuesday night should get to 25° or so.

Wednesday is looking Sunny and – you guessed it – MILD.  Highs at 50° or slightly warmer and lows around 30°.

Thursday is looking a bit like light rain.  Friday and Saturday of next week look very pretty with mild temps around the 50° mark and overnight lows close to 30°.  Then next Monday (8 days out) looks like the return to some consistently normal winter weather – maybe!

Until Next Time!

Check out www.HighCountryWeather.com for more information and also be sure to check out www.SkiSoutheast.com for more weather information about ski resorts to the north!

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