1-3″ of snow and COLD snow making temps hit the Southeast Ski Resorts!

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1-3" of snow has fallen across many resorts of the Southeast and even more important than the snowfall are the cold temperatures.  Ski Beech is reporting 13° this morning, Snowshoe 15°, Sugar 17°, Hawksnest 18°, Appalachian 20° and you can bet that all of the ski resorts are blasting the slopes with manmade snow.

Some forecasters are still saying that some areas will get up to six inches of snow by the time this storm finishes.  We’re thinking that’s a bit on the high side and with the way the winds are blowing out there, I’m not sure if we’d know it anyway!  Be sure to dress in layers, have a face covering and wear your goggles if you’re going to ski or ride today because even though the snow conditions are going to be pretty nice, it will be a raw day at times.  The sun is expected to pop in and out later today and perhaps some of the winds will die down.  We’re still looking for that elusive, beautiful one-foot of snowfall with NO WINDS.  It has been a while.  Natural snow has been a little hard to come by in North Carolina this season although at barely past the one-half way mark Ski Beech just hit the 30” mark on the season with this morning’s snow. Since 1991 Ski Beech has averaged 84.6” of snow annually so they will have to go some to catch up or achieve that kind of number.  Many areas around the High Country haven’t seen a foot of snow as yet.

Snowshoe in West Virginia topped the 101” mark for natural snow this season with the 2” that they received overnight.  The other WV resorts have all received 70-80” of snow so far. 

The Virginia mountain have been a little starved for attention from the heavens as only Wintergreen Resort has seen more than a foot of snow thus far this season.  Wintergreen has seen 18” on the season and all others have not seen 10” thus far.

Ray Russell is saying to expect windy conditions across the region with winds around 15-25mph and gusts around 35mph.  Another 1-2” of snow is his call for most areas and maybe a bit more at the highest elevations.

These kind of winds will make for some drifting snow, some great ski conditions over a lot of the terrain…and some icy spots.

West Virginia Resorts:

Canaan Valley is reporting 1-2” of snow and they are making snow as well.  Canaan is skiing on 20 trails today.

Snowshoe Mountain received 2" of new snow that fell overnight taking their season to date total up to 101" of snow. You KNOW conditions are looking quite nice at Snowshoe when they are ONLY making snow at night! Look for snow to continue throughout the day today with another 2" – 4" expected. Cold temperatures have also returned which means their snowmakers will be out in full force at night helping ensure that Snowshoe continues to offer some of the best conditions in the region. They want you to know that Skipjack and Slaymaker / Spur will be closed today for competitions.

Timberline hasn’t updated yet this morning but they have also received about 2” of new snow and are looking quite nice today on 30 trails.

Winterplace isn’t reporting any snow although the SSAA is saying they got 2”.  Winterplace isn’t claiming that on their site and they are reporting some light showers to snow later today on 25 trails.

Wisp Resort in Maryland got a little bit of snow (they are reporting ½”) and that takes them to 79” on the season.  Wisp is skiing on 33 trails today with ten great lifts (maybe the best lifts in the region).

The Virginias:

Bryce hasn’t reported any snow just yet, but we’re seeing a trace of snow there for today and 15-25” base on groomed conditions and 6 trails open.

Massanutten isn’t reporting any snow either and they are looking at a Partly Cloudy kind of day with highs around 40°, and a snowmaking low of 26° tonight. They are hosting a Terrain Park Comp from noon to 4pm today.

Our friends at Wintergreen Resort rejoiced at the ability to crank up the snow guns last night. Snowmaking began overnight and they are making snow on current trails in an effort to improve the product. They are also making snow on closed trails so that they can begin opening more terrain this week. Today, they will be skiing and riding on 15 trails and 5 lifts will be running. The Plunge and the Slide will have limited lanes.

Ober Gatlingburg got an inch of much needed snow and they made snow as well, so expect MUCH improved conditions there on 5 trails today!

The North  Carolina Mountains:

Appalachian hasn’t updated their own site since Friday morning, but they are making snow like crazy and they have received about 1.5” of snow thus far.  The surface at Appalachian could ONLY be better if they’d had more natural snow.  However, with huge amounts of manmade snow, their conditions are going to be a strong 8 or 9 on a scale of 1-10.

Cataloochee files their reports late each evening and as of 9pm last night they were receiving snow but we won’t update any amounts until we hear back from them.  They are open for day skiing only today on 10 trails and a packed powder surface.

Hawksnest is reporting about 2-3” of snow, with snow still falling this morning.  They have (8) trails and their tubing hill running on packed powder conditions.  With this wind, you might expect some icy areas up there today.

Ski Beech is reporting about 3” of new snow and snow is still coming down.  Beech is operating with 12 trails today and packed powder and frozen granular conditions.  With the wind, expect some icy areas like on White Lightning, etc. We’ll give Beech’s surface a good 7 or 8 out of 10 today.  More snow and snowmaking will make for much improved conditions as the day goes on.

Sugar is reporting 2” of new snow on 17 trails with natural and manmade powder conditions.

Sapphire Valley – These guys have had a frustrating winter thus far.  They are just southerly enough that they were not able to make snow at times that would have allowed them to stay open.  They have been closed all week.  Although there’s no report since February 1st, we have to believe they are making snow right now.  We called and even their snow line hasn’t been updated since Wed, Feb 1st.  We will update you when we can.

So wrap up, and hit your favorite resort today and get us some pics.

Until Next Time!

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