Winners Posted for the Canaan Valley “Stair Step Rail Jam” on Saturday, January 20th

We wanted to post (and share) some photos and results of the Stair Step Rail Jam that took place this past Saturday at Canaan Valley Resort.

David “Coop” Cooper has been submitting some great images of all of the snow up at Canaan Valley Resort & Conference Center and those that he sent from the competition Saturday were no exception!

You can click the link at the bottom of this article for all of the pics he shared with us.

The WINNERS on Saturday were:

16 and up

1st Tristan Sadler from Somerset PA
2nd Cody Boan from Harrisonburg VA
3rd AJ Lawson from Inwood WV

15 and under

1st Armeen Pirooz from Harrisonburg VA
2nd Jack Schuster from Harrisonburg VA
3rd Keith Edelstein from Stafford VA


1st Melissa Wagner from Elkins WV
2nd Liz Moore from Davis WV
3rd Danielle Pettry from St Albans WV


Robert Sullivan from Charlottesville VA

You can also check out some nice photos that were shot during the event by CLICKING HERE.