Boone, NC – Everyone who loves snow knows that there hasn’t been much to write about in terms of natural snowfall – or even snow that comes from our wonderful snowmakers of the region.

Every ski area is pumping out their "powder version" of the white stuff and actually THAT KIND OF SNOW is more important than God’s version when it comes to long-lasting slope coverage.

However, NOTHING compares to snowfall from the heavens when it comes to exciting the masses. Even those who are ski and snowboard enthusiasts get excited about hearing that our mountains have picked up substantial snowfall. I was seeing where Wisp Resort in Maryland got bombed with a foot of snow in the last 24 hours and where Snowshoe, Canaan and Timberline saw 10-11". THAT gets the juices flowing and there is no question that skiers and snowboarders will head to the hills as quickly as possible to enjoy the "fruit of heaven" on the slopes of the Southeast and Mid Atlantic.

We’ll no doubt see a lot of pristine powder photos and videos coming in and invite YOU to send yours to us at [email protected] and we’ll post as many as possible.

This morning we were plugging along working the emails and phones about all the snow when a major router in Dallas, Texas failed sending all of our web servers down for a few minutes. When came back up (and and we immediately saw a huge push to hit our content all at once. That prompted me to visit our webstats and amazingly we saw 60,407 unique visitors on Monday and we’d already hosted more than 17,000 visits just on the webcams this morning!

We’re no doubt in for a record day today (or very close to it!)

If you’ve been waiting on WINTER to finally hit and create those epic conditions – your wait is over – at least for the next few days! Pack your gear and get your rear up here to your favorite ski resort! Conditions will be awesome over the next few days.

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Mike Doble
Mike is the Editor and founder of, and Since September 1996 he has posted close to 14,000 posts, articles, photos and videos promoting all of the ski areas of North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland.Mike is the father of four daughters, is an avid skier and enjoys golf, tennis, kayaking and hiking in the mountains. Winter snowsports and Summer boating on Watauga Lake are among his favorite pastimes.