Slope Conditions and the Weather –

Slope conditions are being reported as Springlike all across the state and there ARE bare spots at all of the resorts, except Appalachian Ski Mountain right now.

Cloudmont in Alabama and The Homestead in Virginia have both closed due to the warm weather. Cloudmont reported 40" of average base depth yesterday, so how did that happen?

We have received some reports that the temps MIGHT get cold enough Thursday night to make snow and we’re HOPING and PRAYING that’s so…but we’re not seeing that happen in North Carolina. MAYBE in West Virginia… We’ll definately be the first to tell you the moment that the guns kick on. Right now, this mild pattern looks to be holding for several more days, with some rain in the forecast.

For the record, there IS good, skiable terrain on the slopes and get out and enjoy it!

For all of you who have written consoling me during these frustrating mild temps, thanks…really…but that IS part of Southeast skiing. Sometimes Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate. We’re just reporting the facts and sometimes they DO sound frustrating! Keep the faith though…it WILL get cold again…and it WILL snow.

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