Chilly Nights and Fall Colors are Beginning to Show!

We’ve been getting some emails and calls about how the temperatures have dipped from West Virginia down into North Carolina and we’ve actually had the heat on at my home during a few nights so there is no question that Autumn is upon us. We’ll certainly see some warm days ahead, however we’re also in for some Autumn-like weather as the overnight temperature for Wednesday, September 20th is 38° (in Banner Elk)!

I was out playing around with my horses over in Banner Elk yesterday and two large maples already look like peak Fall Colors. It’s hard to believe but we are only 3-5 weeks away from peak, mid-October color. It is amazing how time flies! Before you know it the ski resorts will be firing up the snow guns and beginning to blanket the slopes with the season’s first manmade snows. We are only 7-9 weeks away from the start of ski season!

Notice today’s photo of the day.  It was sent to us by Jeanette Holmes and reflects that Fall is indeed in the air!

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