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2012-2013 Advertising Rates For Commercial Videos

Advertising on the internet CAN BE phenomenally productive - especially if the content that you are advertising ON is a "captive audience". However, new technologies have even take that to a whole new level!

Imagine for a second that 5000 people a day want to view a video that shows the current weather, especially when that weather is of vital importance to the viewer. Now imagine if those very same visitors cannot SEE that video until they see your business! We can now capture the attention of TENS OF THOUSANDS of visitors every single day and promote your business in a way that GUARANTEES that your business will be seen!

To see an example of what we're talking about - CLICK HERE

The main thing to know and understand is that every single visitor will see you ad/commercial and if they place their mouse on that commercial video they will be prompted to CLICK to visit your website. The great thing about it is EVEN IF THEY DON'T visit your website, they just viewed your entire commercial and will appreciate that YOUR business is making their favorite content available to them on the internet!

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