Yet ANOTHER Awesome, Snowy, Perfect-Conditions Weekend at the Ski Resorts

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The gifts of great conditions just keep on coming to the ski resorts in the Southeast and mid-Atlantic! We’ve had natural snow on the ground for nineteen straight days here in the High Country mountain communities of Western North Carolina and ditto that for the West Virginia and Maryland ski resorts towns.

We’ve had over two feet of natural snowfall fall across much of the region in the last 23 days and that, combined with cold temperatures that have been on display at EVERY ski mountain – conditions are simply awesome!

Photo of the Day is from Wisp Resort this morning where the birds were “dancing” in the snowmaking cloud.

More of the Same Weather…???

We’ve talked about it all season so far, but we just haven’t had those extended mild-ups this season. Heather Ransom of Snowshoe emailed me, “Wouldn’t you know it; we’re having the best weather season we’ve seen in years and we’re having to restrict the number of lift tickets we sell.”

The forecast for the week ahead does show a little bit of a mild-up with temps getting to 53° or so on Tuesday of next week, but that lasts all of two days and then cold and snow hits again Thursday and into next weekend. So, again, the gifts keep coming!

When I did the Facebook Live Feed this morning I promised to research and find this information for you guys, but within the month of January we have seen 15 of the 23 days to date with measurable snowfall in West Virginia and 11 of 23 days in North Carolina. As I have already shared, we’ve had natural snow on the ground for 19 straight days.

In Case You Missed the Facebook LIVE Feed this Morning:

Man it was good to hear from “Rossi Bob”, Bob Lindemann of Snowshoe Mountain (longtime part of their ski patrol crew) who shared that he was following us from Idaho this morning where he was getting ready to play at Bogus Basin in Boise, Idaho this morning. For those unaware, Bogus Basin is one of only a handful of non-profit, recreation, ski areas in the country. (Rossi Bob mentioned he would report in from Park City next week. Way to rub it in Bob!)

Snowy and Colder into West Virginia this Morning…

When I began checking in on the conditions this morning it was only 11° at Canaan Valley and 7° atop Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia. The snow was falling pretty steady as well as you’ll see if you watch the Facebook Live feed above.

The sun was out at every ski resort south of Snowshoe and the temps were in the teens to twenties.

Today’s temperatures will be a high of 21 and a low of 9. However, the wind is bringing those temperatures down into what feels like the single or even negative digits! This is without a doubt our coldest day this ski season. With that in mind, definitely dress warm if you are planning to come ski the mountain.

Snow Flurries Still Flying at Some Ski Resort Mountaintops

Significant Snow at Snowshoe, Canaan Valley and Timberline this morning

Snowmaking at Winterplace, Timberline, The Homestead, Massanutten, Appalachian, Cataloochee, Wintergreen, Ober Gatlinburg, and Wisp Resorts.

No Snowmaking at Beech, Wolf Ridge, Sugar Mountain, Bryce

Many Resort Still Selling Out on Weekends…

We’re seeing more and more of these kinds of posts:

“If you don’t have your tickets yet get them now. We are currently sold out of day lift tickets for Saturday the 23rd and rentals for the 23rd and 24th.”

“…please understand we are operating under state capacity guidelines therefore at any given time we may have to stop selling tickets.”

Such is life right now…

Appalachian Ski Mountain – DAY SESSIONS SOLD OUT – 100% OPEN
Beech Mountain Resort – DAY SESSIONS SOLD OUT – 100% OPEN
Cataloochee Ski Mountain – DAY SESSIONS SOLD OUT
Snowshoe Mountain Resort – DAY SESSIONS SOLD OUT for Saturday & Sunday

Wintergreen Resort – DAY SESSIONS SOLD OUT for Saturday and Rentals for Saturday & Sunday. Tubing SOLD OUT.


Bizarre Social Media Posts Via Facebook

Jonathan Parsons said of Bryce Resort
Been too warm this winter for steady, good ski conditions.

You’re kidding, right? Conditions are awesome and have been since opening1

Pauly Planzer said of Snowshoe
Totally epic up here this year. Stoked we have a place to go after Vail ruined our local hills.

(Did anyone else know that Vail was killing the slopes? Okay, I’ve heard from many about how Vail is killing the heart of skiing one mountain at a time…with multi-resort passes and over-crowding…but come on man! (I just channeled Joe Biden!))

Scott Roberts also said of Snowshoe
To bad there’s not enough lift tickets for anyone to enjoy it. If your not a season pass holder, you won’t get tickets this yr. Sad.

Oh not true Scott! (Okay depending on your timing it’s kind of true.) But a TON of people are enjoying Snowshoe this season!

Various Photos and Video Shares from Today!

Just kind of LOVING this one from Omni Homestead Resort today:

Making historic winters since 1766. Click to Enlarge!

Here’s another from The Homestead from the recent snow:

Winter Snow and a Heated Pool. Does it get any better than at The Homestead Resort! Click to Enlarge!


Snowshoe Mountain Reminding Us Why They Call it “Almost Heaven”


Canaan Valley’s Gravity opens soon


Great Wintergreen Video


Here’s another Wintergreen Share


Bryce Snowmaking Video

Some Awesome Shots from This Morning:

Sunrise Atop Beech Mountain Parkway this morning. Click to Enlarge!
Very Pretty Shot of Beech Slopes from the Parkway! Click to Enlarge!
Wintergreen Resort is ALWAYS good for some sunrise captures. Click to Enlarge!
Snow Tubing, Sunset, Grooming…all at Wintergreen. Click to Enlarge!
Check out the BIRDS dancing in the snowmaking at Wisp Resort. Click to Enlarge!
Closeup of Birds…and Wisp Resort. Click to Enlarge!
Timberline Mountain offering a cool concept…create your own trail shirt. Click to Enlarge!

That’s it for me today. Email me at [email protected]

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