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Have You Guys Been Paying Attention!

My buddy, Joe Stevens called me yesterday and said, "Dude you must be sick." I assured him that I wasn’t and then he hit me with the fact that somehow we’d missed posting his weekly column.

We had.

The cold and snow caused an eruption of contacts and content unlike any that I’ve ever seen. We got photos and more photos, and videos and more videos…and questions and more questions. On top of that we received 118,860 visitors and 1,041,598 pages viewed in the last TWO DAYS!

SNOW does that, doesn’t it? You guys have been KILLING those LIVE CAMS!

That said, I HAVE to give credit where credit is due. More accurately I have to give KUDOS where KUDOS are due. That would be to Winterplace Resort and Travis Roberts. Travis has ramped up Winterplace’s web marketing game by making sure that we know just how sweet it is right now at the Ghent, West Virginia.

…and SWEET they are. I was speaking with Travis today and he shared a multitude of great news including the fact that they’ve been open from the top of the mountain since Christmas Day…and that they are now open on 17 of 27 trails with MORE on the way by the weekend!

On top of that TUBING will open this weekend as well!

You could hear Travis’ enthusiasm and excitement coming through the phone as he shared, "Mike I have to tell you man, we have amazing coverage on all of our open trails and I’m talking about a great base layed down as our snowmakers and grooming crew have done an awesome job of creating great conditions!"

<Winterplace Resort this morning!

If you’re one of the next 118,000 visitors reading this, you need to head up I77 and pay Winterplace Resort a visit! Terry Pfeiffer and his team have things hopping at Winterplace and thanks to Travis Roberts we can share some great VIDS with you guys.

Check out the great video that Travis put together from a few days ago at  or click right from the front page.

Look for more up to date videos and more photos of the day from Winterplace daily!

Drop me an email with your comments, questions, gripes, photos, videos…you name it! Email me at [email protected]

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