Winter is here! . . . with Vengeance

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It’s here . . . the long awaited cold front came in with ‘vengeance’ last night, to the point that I was woken up last night from the kicking winds. It’s the kind of cold you can feel in your bones, especially after we were lulled with the recent warm air.

I thought it would be best to highlight the temperature difference between 7am yesterday and 7am today. Most resorts dropped on the order of 15 to 20 degrees last night. Toss in the wind chills and it currently feels like 11° on top of Beech Mountain right now. Tonight it will get down to -4°, with the chill, at Beech.

WV will see the brunt of the Northwest Flow storm, with accumulations of 5″ to 9″ of snow through tomorrow . . . 

  • Canaan Valley: 7am yesterday: 42°. 7am today: 25.9°. Trace amounts of Snow last night. Currently flurries. Snowmaking is on.
    • The weather outlook is perfect . . . “Tonight we will see heavier snow showers enter the area and the forecast calls for 5 to 9 inches through tomorrow. Temps will plummet with lows tomorrow night in the single digits.
    • On their snowmaking plans . . . “Today and tomorrow will be spent repairing existing slopes, as well as continuing the process on Ramble. Once Ramble is complete, our focus will then turn to Gravity”.
  • Snowing in the Valley

    Snowshoe Mountain: 7am yesterday: 40°. 7am today: 22°. Currently flurries. Snowmaking is on.

    • Emphasis on grooming, not snowmaking last night . . . “Our team of expert groomers have combed out some perfect corduroy for your carving pleasure so get out there and enjoy.”
    • Prognosis . . . “Our snowmaking crew will be taking advantage as Mother Nature brings back colder temps and some possible snowfall over the next couple days.”

Snowmaking began last night in NC

  • Cataloochee: 7am yesterday: 43.5°. 7am today: 27.9°. Snowmaking is on.
    • All day snowmaking . . . “Colder temperatures have arrived and snowmaking is in progress and will continue throughout the day.  Please come prepared for the conditions.”
    • Deal of the day . . . Wednesdays are Family Day and a child 17 and under will receive a free lift ticket when accompanied by a parent purchasing a full price adult day, twilight or night lift ticket.
  • Beech Mountain: 7am yesterday: 40°. 7am today: 20°. Snowmaking is on.
    • Beech had to knock out their terrain park from from their count . . . 3 runs and 2 lifts today.
  • Crisp Cold air on top of Beech right now

    Appalachian Ski Mountain: 7am yesterday: 48°. 7am today: 25°. Snowmaking is on.

    • The Appal Jam and Top Terrain Parks will be closed Wednesday January 9 & Thursday January 10 for concentrated snowmaking. During this time, the Appaljack Terrain Park will also see concentrated snowmaking, but will remain open with a small variety of Rails & Boxes

The cold front is about to slam into VA

  • Wintergreen: 7am yesterday: 45°. 7am today: 28°. Snowmaking is on.
    • 6 runs open today (Had to close the Highlands) on 3 lifts. “One sad bit of news is that Highlands did not make it through the night however, this closure does allow for full snowmaking coverage on this terrain to build it back up bigger, better and faster!”
    • Currently making snow on 14 runs, including the tubing park. “The long awaited temperatures and wet bulb are here . . . Snowmaking Crew has been chomping at the bit and now they take center-stage for what looks to be a stretch of about 8 days.  We will be making snow around the clock so please be aware there will be snowmaking on open terrain.”
    • Emphasized snowmaking at night . . . “our Snowmakers will be challenged with maximizing water usage during the coldest periods by cutting back gallons per minute used during the day to let the water tank recover then going full bore at night when the temperatures are at the lowest.”
  • Bryce: 7am yesterday: 43°. 7am today 41°. “Stayin’ Alive” with 7 runs and 3 lifts, still.
  • Massanutten: 7am yesterday: 43°. 7am today 33°. Snowmaking will be on
    • Near-term prognosis . . . “Winter is back, isolated snow showers, breezy and falling temps today. “
    • Open on 4 runs today . . . “Lower Showtime was a casualty of yesterdays warmth and will be closed today. Both Lower and Upper Showtime will be seeing some serious snowmaking attention and should rebound quickly.”

There was lightning in the air at Wisp yesterday evening . . . Today is COLD!!!

  • Wisp: 7am yesterday: 37°. 7am today: 19°. Trace amounts of Snow last night. Currently Flurries.
    • What a scare last night . . . “We were optimistic all day then Mother Nature decided to throw another curve ball!  Severe lightning has been reported on the mountain and chairlift operations have ceased for today.”
    • As for Snowmaking plans in the near-term . . . “When the opportunity comes around, we will back track onto the front runs and patch anywhere that needs filled in.  Once we’ve delivered a thicker base on the front side, our team will head over to North Camp and East Ridge.”
Snow in Wisp: flurries contrasted against the pine trees

Currently closed notables . . . 

  • Ober: 7am yesterday: 53°. 7am today: 31°. “Our slopes are currently closed, however we are happy to update we are currently making snow and are hoping to open the slopes by Friday.”
  • Timberline: 7am yesterday: 42°. 7am today: 25.9°. Trace amounts of snow last night. Snowmaking is on (as seen on cams). Currently flurries.
  • Sapphire: 7am yesterday: 45°. 7am today: 38°. Snowmaking is on (as seen on cams).
  • Omni: 7am yesterday: 46°. 7am yesterday: 36°
  • Winterplace: 7am yesterday: 48°. 7am today: 28°. Snowmaking is on. Reopening Friday, January 11th (weather dependent)

That’s all for today.

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