Will We Have Thanksgiving Day Skiing and Snowboarding? Sugar, Cataloochee and Snowshoe Say we Will.

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Story by Mike Doble – [email protected]

Sugar and Cataloochee remain open today, Sunday, November 20th. Cataloochee plans to play today and then close up for Monday and Tuesday…before PLANNING to reopen on Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving Day. There’s no word yet on Sugar Mountain. Last week they remained open on Monday before closing this past Tuesday due to a lack of base.

Both Cataloochee and Sugar are updating their announcements via their websites suggesting that they will be open for Turkey Day skiing and snowboarding. That’s questionable because we’re just not seeing what’s going to keep the snow around any longer than last weekend. We have showers in the forecast Monday and Tuesday with highs in the 60s and lows in the upper 40s Monday and Tuesday.

There does appear to be a small window of snowmaking chances late Wednesday night as temps are forecasted to dip to 31° Wednesday nigh and then to 29° Thursday evening. That’s so borderline, we’ll just have to see how things go.

It seems to us that there’s just not going to be enough snow left to play on by Wednesday. However, I want to go on record that I’ve been wrong before and hope I am this time as well. Sugar and Cat amazed the heck out of us this past Thursday. They made snow for less than 24 hours and Sugar opened on Friday. Cat could have but opted for Saturday.

Both mountains are already showing some serious meltage this morning. But we’ll see.  Honestly Sugar looked awesome on Saturday as can be seen by the Photo of the Day that Kenny Griffin posted this morning from yesterday’s fun.

The long range forecast is for highs and lows through the 29th of the month that are too mild for snowmaking. The lowest temps we’re seeing in the North Carolina mountains is 31° on the nights of the 23rd and 28th of the month.

Things really don’t appear much different for the ski areas further north into West Virginia as there are thunderstorms forecasted for Snowshoe on Monday and Tuesday. We’re seeing 28° for a low on Thursday evening and a couple of 30° temps for Wednesday the 23rd and around the 28th.

That’s it. So we’ll leave you guys with that and just recommend that you check back often for updates. We know that Snowshoe Mountain has made snow at every opportunity and they plan on dropping the ropes for the first time this season on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day with $20 lifties.


We know that we have a lot of rabid football fans here in the Southeast. Congrats to the Jawja Bulldogs who won the SEC East Championship with a surprisingly narrow win over Kentucky on Saturday. Congrats to all USC Gamecock fans as our guys went to 9-2 on the season and have a chance to record the most wins they’ve ever had in one season if they whip the Clemson Tigers next Saturday and win a bowl game postseason.

I also want to thank all of my second favorite teams on Saturday:

The NC State Wolfpack whipped Clemson yesterday. You see I have two favorite teams. The Gamecocks and whoever the heck is playing Clemson. I know we have a lot of Tiger fans visiting this website so I know you guys are not happy with the way your guys played yesterday.

Thanks as well to:

Iowa State who beat Oklahoma State.
Baylor who beat Oklahoma.
Southern Cal beat Oregon.

Combined with Clemson’s loss, that means that four teams ranked ahead of South Carolina lost. When the BCS poll comes out the Gamecocks should be 10-11th.

Saturday was one of those great football Saturday’s. If only Stanford had lost…

It’s Sunday and since some rain is in our forecast, and since I will be heading to the South Carolina / Clemson game next weekend, my family will be heading out to do some Christmas Tree hunting today. Choose and Cut Christmas tree season is here. Gracious I saw a bunch of trees leaving the mountains on my way back in town yesterday. If you haven’t made that a family tradition, you should try it. Many Choose and Cut tree farms have hayrides, Santa hanging around, some hot, spicy teas or hot chocolate and gifts for the season. It’s just another part of mountain living that I’ve always enjoyed. There’s something about hiking around the hills in search of the perfect Christmas Tree that makes me feel a bit like Clark Griswald.

That’s it for today. Check back Monday for some video and photo updates from the open ski areas and for weather updates as we get them.

Drop me an email with any comments, photos, videos or whatever the heck you want to talk with me about at: [email protected]

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