“We will take what we can get!”

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Yesterday, I foreshadowed something at Wisp . . .

if you get stuck up on the mountain this evening, “Don’t forget to stop in Wispers Bar & Grill to try our famous Maryland Crab Poutine.”

Well, that kind of happened as Wisp got inundated with Winter Weather and had to close night skiing operations. Wisp reported 6″ yesterday (8″ storm total), which was A LOT of snow in such a short period of time.

As for VA, the snow totals came up to 8″ at Wintergreen after yesterdays measurement. In addition, one of our trusty guys at Bryce reported 6+” of wet, heavy snow. But, he said, “we will take what we can get!”. Gotta love a good attitude.

Today, points north stay (relatively) dry, while points south are going to be inundated with wet weather. Snowmaking temps are POSSIBLE in the northernmost lattitudes, tonight.

It looks like it MIGHT be a sloppy next couple of days, but one of my favorite foods is a good ‘ole Sloppy Joe!

Wisp had some ‘heavy weather’ yesterday

  • Wisp: 6″ yesterday (8″ storm total)
    • Had to close yesterday because of weather. Open on a regular schedule today . . . “The Winter Storm happening has brought a mixed bag of winter weather but our slopes are holding strong, however, for safety concerns, ski operations will close at 6pm (last night)”
    • Still some powder left! . . . Ungroomed on (intermediate) Randalls Run and (expert) The Face
Wisp: most of their snow fell mid-day yesterday

WV: It’s setting up well to be a good week and weekend

  • Canaan: 1.3″ yesterday (5.9″ storm total)
    • Powder gets groomed, but still a GOOD day on tap . . . “Will groom out all of our open slopes and trails today to prepare our bases for the upcoming weekend . . . it looks to be a beautiful day on the mountain.”
    • Upcoming . . . “We will have a snowmaking window tonight”.
    • Long Range . . . “Long Range forecast is beginning to show signs of an extended cold spell w/ multiple snow opportunities . . . Canaan is known for very snowy March’s!”
    • XC Ski is open today w/ a 3-4″ frozen granular base!
  • Snowshoe: 
    • “With a bit of rain that should clear up after the morning, and some warmer midday temperatures, it should be a fantastic day to get out and carve up some corduroy. Temperatures will reach low 40’s so make sure you get out and enjoy the day.”
    • Park is completed . . . Progression’s new build is open today so be sure to go test your skills.”
    • Groomed 60 of 60 runs . . . Snowmaking on (1) easy Powderidge
  • Winterplace: 
    • Should be a nice day on the slopes today . . . Forecast: Clouds this morning followed by partly sunny skies.
    • Virginia Tech is only a 1 hour drive . . . Collegiate Thursday today
    • Open on 25 of 27 runs w/ a 26-50″ Granular & Variable base
  • Timberline: Website is down. No update on Facebook.

VA saw up to 8″, after it was all said and done!

  • Wintergreen: 8″ storm total. Plus, they give some pretty convincing reasons make a visit . . .”What a day we have in store:
    • The sun is shining
    • The roads are clear
    • Schools are closed
    • 100% open terrain
    • Slopes and trails are beautifully groomed
    • Corduroy awaits”
  • Wintergreen: might even be able to hit the glades today


  • Massanutten: Yesterday we recieved 3-4″ of new snow, about 2″ of sleet and then plain rain.
    • Good weather and grooming today . . . “The good news is, the sun is coming out and yesterdays mixed precip groomed in nicely making today a great day to get out and enjoy the day.”
  • Bryce: Thanks to Bill on Bryce Ski Patrol for this update (from yesterday). . .
    • “At 12:45pm Ski Patrol at Bryce was reporting 6″+ with a mixture of sleet since about 10:30am. If only the sleet had not come in. We will take what we can get. It is a wet heavy snow.”
    • Good stoke at Bryce yesterday! . . .

  • Homestead: 2″ storm total
    • Fresh tracks to be had, since Homestead was closed yesterday!
    • Open from 10am-4pm

“Welcome to NC . . . Where you can experience all 4 seasons in 24hrs!”

    • Cataloochee: 
      • “Someone once said…the only bad spell of weather is W-E-T-H-E-R.  Other than that there is nothing you can do.  But having said that, after last night’s thunder and lightening, we are rocking and rolling today on a base of 60-94″ base on 15 slopes.”
      • Season and Snowmaking plans . . . “The season is still going and it’s far from over, don’t forget that.  Snowmaking will return and we will be ready for it.”
    • App: sums it up pretty well . . .

  • Beech: *corrected snow report* Received 3″ (not 2″) in most recent storm.
    • Only 3 dates left this season . . . “Every Thursday night starting January 3rd, is Ladies Night! $15 night slope pass for all the ladies. Bring your friends and meet other ladies on the hill!”
    • Tonight: All Things 80s Trivia (in preparation for their upcoming Retro Ski Weekend)
  • Wolf: From Facebook . . . “We will be closed again today Thursday 2/21/19 and tomorrow Friday 2/22/19. We’re looking forward to reopening the slopes Saturday and Sunday!”
  • Sapphire: Closed mid-week, with a hint toward the rest of the season . . . “Be sure to call for the latest info as we are reaching the end of our season. Re-Open Friday at Noon, Weather Permitting.”

Ober has ‘buttery’ snow!

  • Ober: “We will most likely have 7/10 runs open (Ober Chute, Upper Bear, Lower Bear, Mogul, Castle, Cub Way, & Ski School).  We will get a more detailed report of Ober Chute once the sun comes up and I will update the report then.”
    • Can’t find the terrain park? . . . Here it is! “Yesterday, the terrain park moved to the Skiers Right of Castle Run.”
    • Conditions . . . “Thankfully the winds from yesterday have passed and the weather looks better today than it did yesterday!  There will be some periods of light rain clouds through the afternoon, and more consistent precipitation moving in after 10.  Good thing is that the snow is buttery and forgiving in these conditions! 🙂

That’s all for today.

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