What’s New at Snowshoe Mountain

what's new at snowshoe mountain

There is ALWAYS a ton of great news to share about Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia. This year is no different.

Another $3.5mm in capital investments are earmarked for the resort. The largest of which will be a significant upgrade to snowmaking on the Western Territory. More than $750k has been invested in snowmaking improvements including the new low-energy guns on Cupp Run.

You can view the video below to see some of the behind the scenes work.


Director of Operations, Ken, said he can have Cupp open by December 15th and if he can’t he’ll shave his beard and eyebrows. The challenge has always been on getting early snow on Lower Cupp, but if Ken’s bet pays off, then expect to see more of these Snow Logic Low Energy guns around the rest of the mountain.



Watch the video below as it shows some of the cutting and some views of what the glades will be like. It is basically a 5-acre section of the forest between Shay’s Revenge and Cupp Run. It will be appropriately called “Sunset Glades” as anyone who has skied or snowboarded on that side of the mountain will tell you that the sunsets over there are instant “SnapChat” moments.


Speaking of Shay’s Revenge, Snowshoe is also thinning a 5-acre section of woods between Shay’s Revenge and Cupp Run in order to develop a gladed skiing area, which will be called Sunset Glades. Between-the-trees glade skiing is common at high-altitude ski resorts in the west, but is a rare treat for expert skiers in the Mid-Atlantic.

Snowshoe is also converting the previous Yew Pine slope to the all-new Evolution Park, which will serve as a transitional park as skiers and boarders work from small-to-medium features on the way to the more advanced Mountaineer Park. Additional changes include some trail reshaping to ease skier traffic in the Whistlepunk area of the Basin, and the removal of freestyle features from the Choker slope, returning it to black diamond status.



More news to come…

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