What a Wild, Crazy Ride We’ve Had This Week…

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I could have easily replaced “week” with Winter as this has been one for the record books for certain.

Quick note to check the SNOW REPORT for trails open today. Lots to play on. You can also watch this Video Snow Report if you don’t want to read this post. Scroll down if you do and also I hope you guys will take our poll below.


I’ve been covering the ski areas for the Southeast and mid-Atlantic daily for around 150+ days of each season for 25 years and I can attest to the fact that I have not witnessed a season like this one. I interviewed Canaan Valley Resort’s Steve Drumheller a couple of weeks ago and at that time he mentioned having to build and rebuild the base snow for the Tucker County, WV ski resort three times already this season after heavy rains and mild stretches of weather.

Well add another semi-rebuild to that list as moderate rainfall (1.61″) and mild temps, reaching 57° hit earlier this week. Then as the rains moved out Thursday night temperatures took a nose dive into the teens, bringing the snowmakers back online and after that and 4.7″ of snowfall since Friday morning (through this morning), voilà – we have pristine conditions for the weekend.

Click to enlarge this awesome shot of Canaan Valley this morning. It is STILL snowing!

Ditto that scenario that I just described for all of the ski areas of the region. In fact, ditto it on steroids for several of the North Carolina ski areas. After an amazing stretch of cold air and tons of snowmaking that lasted from January 17th through February 3rd. Those conditions, along with 5-6″ of natural snow made for the best conditions of the season.

THEN on Wednesday of this week – the NC resorts saw temperatures rocket up into the mid and upper 50s  and for the FOURTH time this winter, we saw more than 2″ of rainfall in a single rain event at the High Country’s ski resorts of Appalachian Ski Mountain, Sugar Mountain Resort and Beech Mountain Resort.

In fact, Appalachian saw a 4″ rain for the second time this winter with another 4.76″ of rain falling Tuesday night through Thursday night of this week.

Here are some of the rainfall totals from this past week:

2.83″ Banner Elk
3.37″ Beech
3.72″ Sugar
4.76″ Appalachian

1.85″ Snowshoe
1.61″ Canaan

As crazy as that has been, all of the resorts in the region had built up enough base snow with that great stretch of cold air and natural snow that they actually would have been okay for this weekend’s crowds even if cold air and more snow had not returned as it did.

Some grooming would have been adequate. However, thankfully, the temperatures dove down Thursday night across the region, triggering the snowmaking crews to go back to work making that manmade, white gold and as of Friday night (and still this morning) things are looking pretty, freaking awesome across the region!

Click to Enlarge the Summit of Beech Mountain camera

Add to that, the fact that we’ve seen from 2″ to 6″ of natural snow over the last 24 hours or so and THAT, my friends spells a return of pristine ski and snowboarding conditions for your weekend enjoyment.

AGAIN – what a WILD RIDE! From a quick glance at the week ahead, it appears that the wild ride is to continue. However, we’ll let Brad Panovich and Matt Laws cover that story for you guys as the next few days unfold.


I did a quick “sunrise tour” this morning as we captured some nice views around 7:30am. Honestly, the best views are usually around 6:45am and again at around 6pm via all of the LIVE cams on ResortCams.com.

I have to say that there is not many things as beautiful as the sunrises and sunsets that we are able to witness on these mountaintops.


Here are the natural snow totals from all mountain tops over the last 24-30 hour period.

6″  – Snowshoe Mountain
6″ – Wisp Resort
4.3″ – Canaan Valley Resort
4″ – Beech Mountain Resort
3.5″ – Sugar Mountain Resort
3″ – Winterplace Resort
3″ – Wolf Ridge Resort
2″ – Cataloochee Ski Area
1″ – Appalachian Ski Mountain
1″ – Ober Gatlinburg
0.7″ – Omni Homestead Resort
Trace – Bryce Resort
Trace – Massanutten Resort
Trace – Wintergreen Resort
Trace – Sapphire Valley Resort

We have obviously been experiencing a bit of a snow drought this season. Here are those accumulated numbers thus far. Since we are about 55-60% done with this season, you can see where resorts are at about 20%-30% of normal snowfall.

57.3″ – Canaan Valley Resort
50″ – Snowshoe Mountain
36″ – Wisp Resort
30″ – Beech Mountain Resort
26″ – Sugar Mountain Resort
17″ – Winterplace Resort
16″ – Cataloochee Ski Area
14″ – Bryce Resort
11″ – Ober Gatlinburg
11″ – Wintergreen Resort
11″ – Wolf Ridge Resort
5.7″ – Omni Homestead Resort
5.5″ – Appalachian Ski Mountain
5″ – Massanutten Resort
1.5″ – Sapphire Valley Resort

*  As I have been reporting all season long, Sugar Mountain is vastly over-reporting their natural snow totals. There have been 12 snow events so far this season with more than a trace of snow. Sugar has been skewing the number for each snow event by an inch or more each time. When you add those all up, they sure paint a snowy picture – but that painting would be a forgery. 42″ on the season would have Sugar on schedule for a normal snowfall season as they average 78″ annually. This has been anything but a normal season for natural snowfall.

42″ would also make Sugar showing more snow than Wisp this season and that just is not the case. Here’s the real painting…and the forgery.

Sugar Mountain Snowfall 2019-2020
Reported Snow thru 2/8/2020 42.2″
Actual Snowfall thru 2/8/2020 26″




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