What A Weird Week of Weather

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Check the snow report page for all of the resort slope conditions at a glance. See: https://www.skisoutheast.com/skireports.php.

What a ridiculous week of weather we’ve seen here in the High Country of North Carolina. We saw snowy, wintry weather on Sunday that dumped a few inches of snow. Fast forward to last night and a line of some pretty strong thunderstorms moved through the area. In the span of three days we went from winter to spring and it looks like we’re going to go back to winter on Saturday.

It underdeveloped snowed here yesterday in the afternoon and I told my roommate (jamsandwich) that I was probably just going to skip the night session because of the weather. When the sun briefly came out right around 5:30ish, he thought I was an idiot and I think he was bummed that we didn’t go. Then, a few minutes before 9:00 the storms arrived and I am so glad that I wasn’t out riding. Lightning, thunder, and heavy underdeveloped snow would have made for a terrible time if I was out on the snow. The official Boone NWS station had a wind gust of 44 mph and there were even reports of hail in the area. It was a pretty gnarly storm, even more so for the fact that it’s still February.

The morning after the storm was rather pleasant. It is really nice outside and it’s going to feel like spring today. I’m headed down to Charlotte after work and temps down there will be in the 70’s today. If I wasn’t going down there, I told Mike that we could have played tennis today as it’s going to be that nice. He needs some more time anyways to get mentally ready for the domination that is going to happen…by me.

Soft snow, warm temps, and sunshine should make for a fun day at the ski areas. Of course I love powder days, but spring-like conditions like what we’ll see today are awesome too. Things are already looking good on the cams this morning and I’m envious of those peeps who get some turns in.

<<< The sun is already out at App this morning and conditions look pretty dang good out there!

Things look good at Bryce this morning too.  They remain one of the few places that are 100% open. >>>

While I’m on the topic of cams, look for some new ones to go up in the next few days. I finally got caught up with everything, shipped them out, and cleared out all the boxes from my office yesterday. It was an absolute disaster in here for a day or two. Anyways, the most exciting one to go up soon is the one at The Homestead Resort in Virginia. There isn’t a lot of skiing and riding left in the season, so I’m hoping they will get it installed either today or tomorrow so that you guys can view it over the weekend. I’ve never been there before, so I’m pretty stoked to get this up and running so I can get a good view of what it looks like up there.

With the upcoming cold weather over the weekend, I’m sure all of our cams are going to get bombarded again. A cold front is going to move through early tomorrow, and cold temps are back in the forecast for Saturday and Sunday. Snow is also possible for some resorts Friday night and Saturday.  Snowmaking looks possible for just about everyone.  This winter truly has been the definition of roller coaster weather.

If you can get out this weekend (or anytime soon for that matter) to ski and ride, I would highly suggest it. Honestly, we’re going to begin to see some resorts close up shop here in the next couple of weeks. There will undoubtedly be the usual places that make it for another month, but some of the smaller places will probably be happy just to make it to the second weekend in March. Business at the resorts always drops off in March as it is and with the sub-par weather this year, I bet the dropoff will be even more significant. Cross your fingers for a Blizzard of ’93-esque dump.

One of those places that will undoubtedly make it for another month is Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia, which is coincidentally where our 5th Annual Ski Southeast Summit is being held next weekend, March 2-4th! Now that is a great segway if I’ve ever seen one. Messageboard members receive 25% off lodging, FREE Sunday lift passes for all of those who are staying with you, and we’re also giving away some pretty sweet Summit shirts. We’ll be having an après ski party on Saturday night at Moonshine and Mountain Madness will be going on all weekend as well so it’s going to be a great time! Read about all the info on the SUMMIT PAGE and make sure to add your name to the list once you make reservations! http://www.skinc.com/messageboard/showthread.php?t=14905

I think Mike is going to be back with you guys tomorrow. I have to head down to Lake Tillery to install a cam, so I’ll be on the road. Talk to you guys on Monday though!

Email me your comments, thoughts, photos, vids or anything else you like at [email protected]


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